Curated by Yvette Naylor, Jamie Liles, and Alison Morley

The International Center of Photography's staff was asked to consider the idea of transition for this exhibition. Transition can mean many things: from movement, passage, or change from one subject, state of mind, position, or concept to another. Each staff person was invited to broaden that meaning in a personal or provocative way to interpret the concept. As the visual field changes and rearranges itself continually, we thought it was a perfect time to look at our personal shift in how we see and use photographic practice as a means to that end. The work includes personal memories, remembrances, instincts, and desires and the walls serve as a site for the collision of opinions and beliefs. The exhibition was open to all types of visual media; included are photographs, multimedia, video, painting, drawing, books, sculpture, and lithography.

Featured Artists

Lacy Austin
Marina Berio
Nayland Blake
Eneida Cardona
Matthew Carson
Maanik Chauhan
Jocelyn Chase
Tiffany Clark
Tim Colose
Caryn Coyle
Kate Cunningham
Nikol David
Deirdre Donohue
Edward Earle
Grigori Enikolopov

Iolet Francis
Linda Freitag
Karen Furth
Ben Gest
Allan T. Gilmore
Sarah Goldberg
Willis E. Hartshorn
Leon Kendrick
Kathryn Kuczynski
Siobhan Landry
Dionne Lee
Daniel Liang
George Liaw
Jamie Liles

Zoe Litaker
Richard Louissaint
Joseph Lucas
David Lundbye
Sana Manzoor
James Mignogna
Alison Morley
Yvette Naylor
Suzanne Nicholas
Warren Nichols
Karen Ostrom
Leigh Paris
Lynae Quinones
Andrea Star Reese
Luis Reyes

Mark Robbins
Donna Ruskin
Liz Sales
Jodi Shapiro
Satomi Shirai
Titas Silovas
Benjamin Simon
Mark Sweeney
Roberto Terrana
Bradly Dever Treadaway
Patricia Tscharskyj
Maya White
Wendy Wu
Michelle Yo