Since 2001, ICP’s Teen Academy program has supported thousands of New York City high school students in using cameras as tools to tell their own stories, build community, and contribute to social change. The program includes seasonal classes in black-and-white and color darkroom, digital and new media, as well as the Imagemakers year-long advanced program.

The virtual showcase features work created by students in the 2020-21 Teen Academy Imagemakers program. This weekly after-school program enables motivated high school juniors and seniors to advance their photography, writing, and public speaking skills while developing an awareness of the creative and professional possibilities in the field. The images and writings in this showcase celebrate the unique perspectives of each student and give collective meaning to the power of photography and storytelling to educate and transform.

Featured Artists

Anju Myrrol
Annette Palacios
Arianna Williams
Asher Weintraub
Brianna Covington
Cyrah M. Joseph
Elinor Kry
Eliza Barr
Esai Velasquez
Ilana Guaraca
Isabella Kahn
Jackson Seeley
Michaela Cusin
Nadine Zhan
Nicolo Vincenzo Malvestuto
Nina Davis
Noam Oster
Tyler Chan

Image: ©  Brianna Covington
A broken hair comb. © Arianna Williams
A woman's backside, with the sole lighting of fairy lights. © Brianna Covington
The extreme edge of a skyscraper, observing the surrounding cityscape below.  © Jackson Seeley
The side profile of a woman bathed in blue and red. © Esai Velasquez
A ladder inside a room. © Cyrah M. Joseph
A woman lays in bed while the shadows of a window stretch over her face. © Nadine Zhan
Two girls looking outside the window. © Elinor Kry
A woman with a lizard on her shoulder. © Eliza Barr
A young woman in her underwear wearing the WWE Belt. © Anju Myroll
Kid looking out a tall window © Noam Oster
A person holding images of la guadalupe. © Annette Palacios
A picture through a hole. © Asher Weintraub
A woman splayed out and reading on a white bench in her sunroom. © Ilana Guaraca
A guy in a golf field © Tyler Chan
A display of rainbow light reflections with an otherwise pitch black background.  © Isabella Kahn
Kid on the flooring holding her knees © Nina Davis
Picture of an old man holding a stick © Nicolo Vincenzo Malvestuto
A side profile of young person, the text besides them saying "Sharing it with other people makes it real". © Michaela Cusin

Special Thanks

ICP’s Teen Academy and Imagemakers are made possible with generous support from Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation, the friends and family of Mason Rudnick, Luana Alesio, Joy of Giving Something, Inc., Monika and Deven Parekh, Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation and Eye Contact Foundation.

These programs are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

ICP’s Community Programs are supported by the William Talbott Hillman Foundation, Joy of Giving Something, Inc., Pinkerton Foundation, Keith Haring Foundation, Deborah Jerome and Peter Guggenheimer, Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation, Susan and Thomas Dunn, Houston Family Foundation, Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation, Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Luana Alesio, Stuart Z. Katz and Jane D. Martin, Lois and Bruce Zenkel, and the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation.