“Tales, Processes and Moments: An Exhibition of Collective Works from the 2012-2014 Master’s Seminar” the work of 14 students from the School at ICP.

In the yearlong, collaboratively taught seminar, students develop a significant project, from early conceptualization to final presentation. The class offers an unparalleled approach to photography that incorporates hands-on practice, history, and experiential learning in a highly intellectual and thematically curated setting. Students engage in dialogue with visiting artists, gallery directors, museum curators, and private dealers. Running a full year, the course also provides the time and flexibility needed for the exploration and self-examination of each student’s creative process, leading towards the development of a full body of work.

The exhibition was curated by ICP faculty members Alison Bradleand Chuck Kelton with ICP Curator Pauline Vermare. 

Featured Artists

Annette Tryde Akman, Ellen Steinberg Coven, Tildabeth Doscher, Claire Gilliam, Miyuki Hinton, Jane P. Houston, Jimena Díaz Jirash, Barbara Julius, Guy Rai, Lynn Savarese, Victoria Schultz, Sharmila Sen, Ben Simon, and Taber Szuluk