Within its specific borders, the photograph has the capacity to witness both the obvious and the subtle ways in which we form foundations and build beliefs. The photographic narrative—comprised of single or multiple images—can convey potent impressions about the world we live in. Whether documenting a specific community, contemplating an interpersonal relationship, or capturing the highlights of a political or historical drama as it unfolds, visual stories have been a central theme in photography since its inception.

A selection of photographs and video by the faculty at the International Center of Photography considers the diverse ways in which the photographic medium articulates ideas about people and place within the social landscape. These images have been selected from larger bodies of work; together, they acquire a new harmonic voice. Monologues become part of an exchange of individual perspectives that overlap and connect—a testament to our universal struggle to understand the human spirit through the lens of a camera.

Curated by Karen Marshall

Jury Committee:
Claartje van Dijk, Karen Marshall, Alison Morley, Donna Ruskin, and Pauline Vermare

Featured Artists

Kathryn Parker Almanas
Kathleen Anderson
Amy Arbus
Bill Armstrong
Jane Evelyn Atwood
Rhona Bitner
Dan Burkholder
Christine Callahan
Jean-Marie Casbarian
Tiffany Clark
Ken Collins
Linda Cummings
Billy Cunningham
Susie Cushner
Pradeep Dalal
Palmer Davis
Jen Davis
Stéphanie De Rougé
John Dolan
Jade Doskow
Carol Dragon
Joanne Dugan
Natan Dvir
Martine Fougeron
Alex Fradkin
Joyce George
Ben Gest
Ashley Gilbertson
Lori Ginker
Tom Griscom
Lavonne Hall
M. Wesley Ham
Flora Hanitijo
Curran Hatleberg
Ron Haviv
Anja Hitzenberger
Kate Izor
Bill Jacobson
Susan Jahoda
Sean Justice
Ed Kashi
Elliott Kaufman

Greg Miller
Gabrielle Motola
Toby Old
Suzanne Opton
Sylvia Plachy
Simone Pomposi
Tamara Porras
Sunita Prasad
Barron Rachman
Andreas Rentsch
Beb C. Reynol
Wendy Richmond
Saul Robbins
Joseph Rodriguez
Irina Rozovksy
Lynn Saville
Carrie Schneider
Lauren Silberman
Michael Silverwise
Claudia Sohrens
Harvey Stein
Bradly Dever Treadaway
Fabrice Trombert
Sarah Warshaw
Shen Wei
David H. Wells
Brian Young
Kay Kenny
Peter Kloehn
Adiva Koenigsberg
Bobbi Lane
Judith Levitt
Andrew Lichtenstein
Jay Manis
Karen Marshall
Jeanette May
Michael Mazzeo
Brenna McLaughlin
Barbara Mensch
Robert Meyer
Darin Mickey