"That's a secret private world you’re looking into out there. People do a lot of things in private they couldn't possibly explain in public" — Lieutenant Doyle, from Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, a film inspired by Robert Capa's work

Rear Windows features the work of five photographers, 2014 alumni of ICP's One-Year Certificate in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program, who have found stories hidden within the shadows of New York City. Their subjects remain in dark corners by choice or by situation: they squat in trailers in "The Hole," a neighborhood in Brooklyn below sea level; strip in Times Square's last peep show; roam the streets as a chapter of the Latin Kings gang; are addicted to drugs and alcohol in a tent city; and gamble at a crumbling aqueduct on the edge of Queens.

As the photographers embed themselves into these small, self-contained societies, they observe and study but make no claim on objectivity; objectivity is impossible with true intimacy. Just like the camera, the window acts as a portal into another world, but it also as a barrier. The glass and mirrors are a trick to make you believe you are really there.

Featured Artists

Allen Agostino
Cate Dingley
Nicolas Enriquez
Chris Occhicone
Theo Zierock


Rear Windows was originally created for the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, New York by photographer and ICP faculty member Martine Fougeron and ICP Curator Pauline Vermare.

This exhibition is curated by Cate Dingley, Nicolas Enriquez, and Chris Occhicone.

People living inside an rv
Image of a women pressed upon glass
Black and white image of a man looking out a window
Image of a tent opening up
Old man starting out a window