Shifting Selves features work by ICP's 2022 One-Year Certificate students in Creative Practices and Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism and is curated by Corinne Botz. The exhibition runs from Tuesday, May 10 through Sunday, May 15, 11AM–7PM. Admission during this time is free. Please note that we are at capacity for the reception on Friday, May 13, and will be unable to admit anyone who has not previously RSVP'd. 

About Shifting Selves

The students in the International Center of Photography’s One-Year Certificate Program traveled from around the world in the midst of a pandemic to study photography together. Many photographers were compelled into a more isolated image-making practice during the pandemic, so it’s thrilling to see these photographers return to the world with urgency and intention. In Shifting Selves, the camera acts as both a window and a mirror. Photography is a means of capturing, distorting, and reshaping realities. Although each work gives us a different version of reality to contemplate, all courageously look at a changing world and self. 

One must admire here the diversity of images that span across categories of race, ability, and gender that is evident in a new generation of photographers. Traversing this city from end-to-end—Staten Island, Rockaway, Harlem, Red Hook, Gowanus, the Diamond District, the United Nations—the image-makers engage with communities, rituals, politics, and the environment. Underlying the varied images are practices that question limitations and celebrate freedom, whether through the photographic medium or with the depiction of diverse bodies. 

At a time when many of us feel especially vulnerable and psychologically exhausted, these images remind us of the myriad ways our personal selves intersect with the larger world. The art we need right now confirms that we embody multiplicities of identity and have capacities for empathy for varied communities. These makers gift us these necessities through images of insight, mystery, and beauty. 

—Corinne Botz, Curator 


Laure Isabelle Andrillon 
Francesca Bergamini
Rishika Nath Bujji  
Elena Bulet I Llopis 
Mackenzie Calle
Quentin Challier
Carlos De La Sancha Gaytan
Laura Fernandez Izuzquiza
Erin Fleming
Xiana Garcia
Maria Giovanna Giugliano
Helena Goni Alonso
Marilia Gurgel Oliveira
Alejandra Gutierrez
Zachery Hanzel
Ashley Hardway
Luke Hasten O'Brien
Matilda Hay
Eljuan Henderson
Claudia Hernandez
Abdul-Aziz Malcolm Khaldi
Danielle LaRose
James Lattanzio
Jaclyn Licht
Kat MacMillan
Jordan Macy
Mandana Mahdavi
Marcos Mengelle
Jadalynn Millington
Zahra Mirmalek
Ayna Musayeva
Davit Nersisyan
Yubin Oh
Ximena Olazabal
Manuela Pereira Barretto S Lourenco
Cameron Peters
Gabriel Pompeu Melhado
Theresa Riedel
Shreya Sahai
Maria Sarafi
Elke Scholiers
Jordan Semanick
Marco Serventi
Kristina Sumfleth
Laura Swenson
Ada Trillo
Vic Walcott
Mark Warner
Grace Watts
Elizabeth West
Molly Woodward
Dar Yaskil
Ece Yavuz

Image: © Ada Trillo

Hands of people touching leaves outside © Ximena Olazabal
A photo of a sad lady with paint all over her face © Vic Walcott
A face with half meat on it. © Francesca Bergamini
Protesters in support of Ukraine against Russia. © Jaclyn Licht