Old School by Matthew Monteith

Curated by Marina Berio, Chair of the General Studies Program
ICP alum and faculty member Matthew Monteith's Old School serves as a visual record of the historic townhouse at 94th Street and 5th Avenue, which housed ICP until the summer of 2001, and as a collective portrait of its inhabitants as they prepared to move to a new facility at 1114 Avenue of the Americas.

Ten Years After
Works by Selected ICP Alumni from the Class of 2002

On September 11, 2001, the School at ICP welcomed a fresh group of students to its new facility on 43rd Street to embark on a year of intense and rewarding study in the General Studies in Photography Program and the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Program. Ten Years After celebrates their work and also marks the ten year anniversary of ICP's state of the art facility for photographic education.

Marian Benes
Pamela Berkovic
Pablo Casares
Gloria Chung
Giovannia Del Brenna
Teiko Dewa
Martha FitzSimon
Kathryn Gamble

Ben Hoy
Ray Klimek
Christopher LaMarca
Oz Lubling
Maria Mayer Feng
Stacy Mehrfar
Johan Spanner
Jonathon Wells