Lifelines features work by ICP's 2023 One-Year Certificate Program students in Creative Practices and in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism. The exhibition is curated by Marina Chao, and will be on view at ICP’s museum from Thursday, May 18 at 3 PM through Sunday, May 21. There will be preview hours for friends and families of OYC students on Wednesday, May 17 from 3 PM–7PM and a reception will be held on Friday, May 19, from 6–8 PM. Please RSVP in advance for the reception here.

Admission to this exhibition is free, but we do recommend reserving tickets in advance here.

About Lifelines

The last three years have been marked by rupture. We endured unimaginable losses due to the cruelty of a pandemic and ongoing political violence. We started breaking away from status-quo traditions that no longer serve us and challenging status-quo abuses we can no longer excuse. And we lost ground in important human rights battles, bending progress painfully back on itself.

It's in this context that ICP students in the One-Year Certificate Program help us regain our sea legs. They are rededicated to interrogating the things that tether, root, and bond. Weaving narratives around ideas of lineage, intimacy, family, memory, loss, and separation—life's lines, made and broken across generations—they connect us. And in times that have left so many of us feeling unmoored, photography and artmaking are crucial, shared lifelines.

Across the diverse bodies of work on view, there’s a distinct turn inward as the students look at what is closest to them. Some focus on their family histories, intertwined with the political histories of their home countries or held within the walls and spaces of familial homes. Some engage with their own feelings of displacement from being between cultures, being adopted, feeling homesick, or something more intangible. Others seek out kindred communities—fellow immigrants, artists, ravers, and athletes. There are also visual expressions of psychological states that feel isolating or might otherwise be indescribable.

These have been lonely, frustrating years. They have also been happy ones, marked by homecomings and homemaking. Now we’re together again, and as we spend time with the students' work in these galleries, we have the distinct, necessary pleasure of seeing, feeling, and reveling in the lifelines they draw among us.

—Marina Chao, Curator




Creative Practices

Analia Aizersztein  

Emmie America 

Pablo Íñigo Argüelles  

Suniko (Dolgorsuren) Bazargarid  

Taschi Belt  

Alina Bobrova  

Bridget Cannon  

Andrea Casagrande 

Lok Ling Chung  

Gabriel Civita Ramirez  

Shannon Craddock  

Flor Crosta  

Matthew Espinosa 

Vanessa Feder  

Emile Kees  

Christina Kurth  

Shaelyn Lenko  

Victoria Manzoli 

Cecilie Mengel  

Leandro Miyasaka 

Zoila Molina  

Roxane Moreau  

Oman Mori  

Avery Norman  

María Prieto  

Federico Rabinovich  

Raine Roberts  

Leonardo Santos  

Elene Shengelia  

Nina Tanujaya  

Andres Zamora 


Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism

Igal Albala  

Corrie Aune  

Manuel Bayo Gisbert  

Abhishek Bhargava  

Paola Boyance  

Paola Chapelaine 

Charlotte Drury 

Noelle Duquette  

Yoav Erteschik 

Adrian Francis 

Luyang Gan  

Nada Harib  

Jamie Johnson  

Sara Konradi  

Gianluca Lanciai  

Thua (Teona) Magalashvili  

Franz Mangel  

Suh Jeen Moon  

Shreya Sahai  

Michelle Shen  

Evelyn Sosa 

Gerson Vargas  


Header image: © Gianluca Lanciai 
Website Thumbnail image: © Michelle Shen
A negative shot of two hands raised up. © Yoav Erteschik
A man holding a snake. © Avery Norman
A woman crouched in water, looking at her hands submerged in the water. © Victoria Manzoli
A black woman catholic priest. © Corrie Aune