Quiet Protest is a series of photographic works by the noted mixed media artist and educator John Wood, spanning a period from the 1960s through the 1990s. Part of a larger retrospective at New York University's Grey Art Gallery, the Quiet Protest series explores political and social issues of the day through thoughtful photo montage pieces that exist in marked contrast to more traditional aggressive documentary photography. Rather than offering explanations or promoting solutions, Wood's manipulated photographs present contemplative routes into issues ranging from the Vietnam War to domestic gun violence to ecological concerns. As Wood wrote in 1970, "maybe the time has come for creative photography to encompass the large problems without propaganda or journalism."

The exhibition, national tour, and accompanying catalogue are curated and coordinated by Nathan Lyons, Director Emeritus of the Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY, in collaboration with Marie Via, director of exhibitions for the Memorial Art Gallery, and Dr. Alison Nordstrom, curator of photographs for George Eastman House.