I'll be Your Mirror: Navigating Interaction in the Digital Age examines the dissemination and consumption of information in contemporary media culture. Curated by the editors of Scrapped Magazine, themselves ICP alumni, this exhibition considers how much of our contemporary experience is filtered through corporatized mass media.

Marxist theorist Guy Debord stated "All that once was directly lived has become mere representation." Debord described not only the relationship that we have to world events, but also how we experience our own lives. Today, much of the information and imagery we receive circulates through second or third hand experience—not just through traditional outlets such as television and newspapers—but through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and blogs. Disconnection and alienation masquerade as obsessive communication over social media. The cult of celebrity, the deliberate curation of a public image on Facebook and Instagram, online dating, politicians using mass media to score political points, and a 24-hour news cycle where information must be manufactured to hold viewers' attention—all modes of virtual communication have combined to jam our airwaves.

The artists selected for this exhibition tackled this theme conceptually, thematically, and globally, using a variety of tools, from iPhones, Skype, and screenshots to X-ray film, car parts, and digital photography. The editors of Scrapped would like to thank ICP for the opportunity to curate this show, as well as our participating artists for their thoughtful contributions.

Curated by Noura Al-Salem, Frances F. Denny, Nicole Horton, Osvaldo Pontón

Featured Artists

Osama Al-Eryani
Ying Ang
Sofie Barfoed
Giulia Bianchi
Katrín Björk
Shraddha Borawake
Jacky Connolly
Tara Cronin
Elisabet Davids
Jon DeCola
Bill Ellis
Mike Fernandez
Toni Greaves
Phillip Gutman
ICP Class of 2013
(moderated by Diana Molina & Daniel de Carvalho)
Dasom Im
Monica Kapoor
Rhea Karam
Antonia Kuo
Sungkyung Kwak
Pepe Rubio Larrauri
Xavier Lujan
Andre Malerba
Connor McNicholas
Alexandre Morvan
MTL Collective
Juan Carlos Muñoz-Najar

Paola Nuñez Solorio
Heather M. O'Brien
Adriane Ohanesian
Marie Louise Omme
Un hee Park
Jorge Alberto Perez
Benjamin Petit
Kenneth Pizzo
Osvaldo Pontón
Josh Raab
Andreas Rentsch
Kalen Na'il Roach
Liz Sales
Sarah Schuman
Kelly Shimoda
Yuki Shingai
Diego Sierralta-Leon
Patricia Silva
Hyla Skopitz
Gaia Squarci
Lara Tabet
Felisia Tandiono
Daniel Temkin
Daniel Tepper
Davis Thompson-Moss
Satoshi Tsuchiyama
allison wwwonderland (Allison M. Walters)
Ji Yeo