Now going into the third year, Master Printer Chuck Kelton has conducted a long-term Independent Projects Seminar at the School at ICP each fall. This class is designed to create an environment that is collaborative, technical, and practical, as each participant develops a concentrated body of work in a supervised setting. This exhibition features all 20 photographers from the past terms and is curated by Chuck Kelton.

Sandy Alpert
Peter Agron
Edward Cheng
John Decker
Frances Denny
Maria DiElsi
Claire Gilliam

Cristine Haft
Blandine Le Gall
Jorge Luis
Gabrielle Mangeri
Mary Newman
Nadhar Omar
Wendy Paton

Amelia Pearn
Ruben Ruenes
Donnas Schaeffer
Theresa Swidorski
Heidi Targee
Lucille Tortora