Passages features work by ICP's Advanced Track students and is curated by Michael Foley. The exhibition runs from Tuesday, May 10 through Sunday, May 15, 11AM–7PM. Admission during this time is free. Please note that we are at capacity for the reception on Friday, May 13, and will be unable to admit anyone who has not previously RSVP'd. 

About Passages

In their shining moments, artists are curious, vulnerable, and pioneering, jumping without a net in order to explore what’s most meaningful to them. Passages reflects this endless exploration of their outer and inner worlds and the liminal space that joins them together. 

Most of us know where we are going when we set off on a journey. We have Google Maps or Waze to take us there quickly and efficiently. The artists in Passages toss all of that aside and allow themselves to get lost and take unexpected turns down blind alleys, dead ends, and cul-de-sacs, moving through, under, over, or past something on their way to their destination. 

Having been granted the opportunity to be a part of the Advanced Track program from its inception, I have witnessed transformations and revelations, frustrations, and epiphanies. The results of this program are a triumph, made by seeing through to the end each artist’s unique vision of the world. It’s here for you to see, engage with, and question. 

Passages takes us through the found and the created, the pale and the vivid. We move from city to country, still life to portrait, abstract to literal. Exploring subjects of marriage, fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons, New York at night and by day, our COVID selves, and all that has affected us over these last two years. There are poetic gestures, mindful portraits, and stinging realities tucked in science and surveillance. Through it all, they and we never lose sight that although these are individual artists’ reflections, they are also a mirror of our own experiences. 

The Advanced Track program is a year of dedicated and rigorous study by artists who have decided that life is worth examining through their lens. Their expectations are that they will better understand themselves and the world they live in, no matter what it delivers to them. 

Passages would not have been possible without the pioneering vision of Ben Gest, who championed this program, and all of the artists who have completed it. His commitment to establishing this study platform has led to the results you see today. 

—Michael Foley, Curator 


Irina Anisimova
Kristen Bartley
Lei Chen
Ruby Chu
Taylor Dafoe
Ana Maria Gastaneta
Valentin Gienger
Jill Laurie Goodman
Marta Guitart
Adam Henry
Erik Mace
Ashley Markle
Lori Perbeck
Allison Plass
Furqan Rai
Alan Ravage
Arturo Rios
Andrew Rizzardi
Anne Saint-Pierre 
Amy Shapiro
Marilia Vieira
Kathryn Weinstein
Irene Wolpert 

Image © Lori Perbeck

A couple embracing in a doorway. © Ashley Markle
Kid crying and being comforted © Allison Plass