September 7–November 18, 2007

This second installment of the ICP fellowship exhibition includes nine curious, energetic, and probing photographers who criss-crossed multiple countries in several continents, investigating unfamiliar locations and social situations. The photographers documented subjects ranging from a Life Skills Project at the Mae Mei Elementary School in Thailand to a Project Mercy School in Yetebon, Ethiopia, and also including an ice-fishing community in Lake Champlain, New York. Their work conjures images that are both lyrical and unflinchingly direct.

ICP and the fellowship recipients thank The Global Fund for Children, Johnson & Johnson, and the Tierney Family Foundation for their generous support and encouragement in helping to make these photographic projects possible.

Shraddha Borawake
Pradeep Dalal
Willie Davis
Jessica Dimmock
Malin Fezehai

Charlotte Oestervang
Kelly Shimoda
Cory Treadway
Janea Wiedmann