Theorizing the Web is an annual conference that brings together scholars, journalists, artists, activists, and commentators to ask conceptual questions about the interrelationships between the web and society. Its founders deeply value public engagement and consider insights from academics, non-academics, and non-“tech theorists” alike to be equally valuable.

Doors open at 11 am each day and panels and keynotes take place from 12:45 until 8:45 pm. Visit the conference's website for complete details.

The conference, which welcomes attendees from around the world, was founded in 2011 and has a "pay what you wish" model to allow for participation by all. ICP is excited to partner with Theorizing the Web this year. We are supporting the conference by hosting it at our recently purchased space on the Bowery. Though the new ICP Museum location won't open until summer 2016, we have collaborated with Theorizing the Web's organizers to make the raw, 11,000 square foot space available early for this two-day conference. We hope attendees enjoy the sneak peak of ICP Bowery "before" and return this fall for the "after", when we've realized our vision for the space.