Join the International Center of Photography for Slide Fest, an annual showcase featuring work from the ICP-Bard MFA students. The evening consists of presentations that show how a new generation of visual artists is integrating photography, video, and performance art into their studio practice and work.

Students will individually perform, present, and discuss their work, process, and ideas in a variety of formats and mediums. Slide Fest will also be accompanied by a Screening Room and Book Room, where recent videos and short films will be paired alongside books, zines, posters, and other works on paper.

The evening is moderated by Marvin Heiferman, ICP-Bard faculty.

Watch it live.

Featuring work by:
Esther Nila Boesche
Stephanie Colgan
Joseph Desler Costa
Anna Ekros
Connor McNicholas
Marie Louise Omme
Kat Shannon
Marisa Sottos
Daniel Terna
Jessica Thalmann
Beau Torres
Kimberly Wade
Tracie Williams