Join us for the opening reception of diapason, an exhibition of work by ten recent graduates of ICP’s Advanced Continuing Education Track Program.

Diapason explores personal empowerment amid ideological conflicts, both private and public, and examines the spaces that we inhabit, build, and ultimately abandon. Photographic genres of constructed narrative and street photography, as well as careful studies with large format cameras, each uniquely explore themes of domesticity, ethnic heritage, and identity. Diapason guides us through a journey of codes and references, and makes sense of the tenuous order and disorder of our contemporary environment and cultural landscape.

This exhibition is co-curated by Ben Gest, Jean-Marie Casbarian, and Ports Bishop.


Michele I. Arazi, George Cavalletto, Eliot Nolen, Gabriel Sacco, Moran Sachs, Ralph Salomon, Patrick Schnell, Idris Talib Solomon, Richard Tarczaly, Amena Yassine

TOP IMAGE: © Gabriel Sacco