MACK at Late Night ICP celebrates a night of authors and photobooks! On the eve of the New York Art Book Fair, gather in ICP's shop and cafe for drinks and signings with an extensive list of MACK's authors:

  • Alessandra Sanguinetti
  • Carla Liesching
  • Colby Deal
  • D’Angelo Lovell Williams
  • Gregory Halpern
  • Jason Fulford
  • Nick Meyer
  • Nona Faustine
  • Paul Graham
  • Raymond Meeks
  • Robert Slifkin
  • Roe Ethridge
  • Rosalind Fox Solomon
  • Wendy Ewald

The ICP museum is open for extended hours during this special Wednesday evening Late Night ICP (6–9 PM) and admission is pay by donation. Reserve your ticket to explore the galleries before or after the event. A selection of MACK will be on display in a special section of ICP's shop—MACK x ICP—throughout October.

About MACK

MACK is an independent publisher of award-winning books on visual arts, working with the world’s leading artists, writers, curators and cultural institutions.