Join ICP faculty members Irina Rozovsky and Yola Monakhov Stockton for a brief talk and signing of their books.

Irina Rozovsky

Island in my Mind, Irina Rozovsky’'s second monograph, tells of a frenzied voyage through Cuba's back roads. A place we have seen often in photographs is revealed here in fresh, deeply felt strangeness. Island in my Mind follows on the heels of Rozovsky's One to Nothing (Kehrer Verlag, 2011), and speaks with equal urgency about struggle and survival in a place marked by enduring oppression. Bypassing overt political statements, Rozovsky's Cuba appears vital and intimate. "Hot, confusing, and exciting—Rozovsky leads us through a heat soaked and surreal landscape of beauty and life," says Adam Bell for photo-eye. Island in my Mind was winner of the 2014 Kassel Fotobook Festival Dummy Award.

Yola Monakhov Stockton

Looking closely at birds in the fields through the materials of colour film and studio props, The Nature of Imitation considers the physical and metaphorical qualities of the landscape. Like natural history drawings, the photographs reimagine traditions of landscape representation from Renaissance tapestries, the early history of photography, and Modernist painting and sculpture. Collaborating with scientists and naturalists in Massachusetts, New York, and Costa Rica, Monakhov Stockton gained access to wild birds caught for banding and release, and those captive in labs. Alongside photographs made in woods, orchards, and gardens, the work cultivates a vocabulary of techniques that attend to the process of picture-making and the emotions and ethics of looking at other creatures.


Please note that due to professional obligations, photographer's book signing dates may change without notification. Limit of two signed copies per customer.