Explore ICP’s photobook library during ICP’s Photobook Club, a community meet-up for book enthusiasts, photographers, and lovers of printed images. Bring your favorite photobook, zine, or other image focused publication to share while exploring monthly selections from the ICP stacks during this community-building event.

This month, join the online platform Foto Féminas in the ICP Library for a special edition of the ICP Photobook Club. Founder Veronica Sanchis will showcase her mobile library and will join artist Paula Abreu Pita discuss the Foto Féminas curated selection on view  in the library from July 22–29.

Foto Féminas is an online platform promoting the work of Latin American and Caribbean women photographers and their photobooks. Learn more here.

ICP’s reading library contains over 20,000 books and periodicals. The reading room is currently open to the public during ICP’s monthly Photobook Club, to researchers by appointment, and to members during Library Member Hours.

Learn more about ICP’s Library here.


Image © Ana Espinal