In this workshop participants of all experience levels will be able to explore the different sides of Instagram photography. Instagram photographers with a minimum of 50–500K followers will share their own success story, tips, and tricks in a presentation. Then they will share and discuss with each other and the audience how they grew their following, how they tell their story and how / if they were able to monetize their instagram fame. Last but not least the experts will give a "Feed Review" of 3-5 instagram feeds of volunteers—and give criticism, feedback, suggestions and ideas on how to improve.

The workshop participants will learn HOW TO best use the application, its technical possibilities and challenges, HOW TO grow their following and network, and HOW TO constitute a visual identity of their own.

Moderator: Ulli Barta, Fabrice Nadjari, Studio 55 @st55nyc.

Panelists: Anka Itskovich (@the_line_up), Dave Krugman (@dave.krugman) and Miki Meek (@mikimeek).


STUDIO 55 @st55nyc, the brainchild of Ulli Barta and Fabrice Nadjari, is a creative studio who conceives, initiates, consults, (re)positions, curates and connects. We create cultural content for unusual people.

Instagram: @st55nyc


Stylist Anka Itskovich began her career in the fashion industry in the late 1980s as an assitant to Barbara Dente, considered one of the few premiere freelance stylist working at the time. In the 1990s, Itskovich was Assistant Fashion Editor at Interview Magazine and later at Harper's Bazaar under the masterful direction of Fabien Baron and Liz Tilbertis. She eventually became Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire. In 2013 Itskovich launched a wildly successful street style project through Instagram. Called “The Line Up” (@the_line_up) the project captures some of New York City's best dressed in their native habitats. She has 85K + followers.

Instagram: @the_line_up

David Krugman is a Brooklyn-based Creative with a mind for building community. He is Social Editor for the Creative Department at BBDO New York.

Instagram: @dave.krugman

Miki Meek is a reporter and producer at This American Life. Previously, she worked as an online producer and editor, specializing in visuals, at National Geographic and The New York Times. Miki has won two Emmy awards for new approaches to documentary programming.

Instagram: @mikimeek