Alums Fryd Frydendahl GS'09 and Megumi Tomomitsu GS'09 participate in the group show NyamaNyama 2015 -Semaine Artistique de Diébougou, Burkina Faso.

From Diébougou to the World

Let’s build a bridge to a future Diébougou with your ideas, inspired by imagination and curiosity. How can we create a community that can only exist here in Diébougou; one that can only be experienced here in the whole world? This is our challenge and goal that we'd like you to participate and be aware of.

We think of art as any creative activities involving people, regardless of genres and mediums. 

Nothing like this has ever happened in Diébougou before. 

The seed of this art show was very simple: "I was planning on visiting a friend in Diébougou. There I thought I'll meet someone interesting and have a lively conversation. From that conversation, I believe something interesting can be born." Before you know it a simple gathering like this can make Diébougou a place to be.

The title of the show “Nyama Nyama” means garbage in the local language. Garbage is closely involved in our daily life, playing an important role in the cycle of human lives. We want to call this show “Nyama Nyama” To bring a new awareness to garbage to prove that something deemed to be worthless in our daily lives, like garbage, could have values with a different perspective.

The improvement of technology allows us to feel the world is right next to us, but it also means that we have lost the mystic experience of finding a hidden treasure, or going on an adventure with your own two feet. Can technology help us make that mystic experience even more mystical? We believe it can, if we have an open mind, steeping away from our pre-conceived notions of what science, chemistry, or architecture “should be” and take in all the possibilities as we experience it in a more direct manner.

The purpose of this art show is to achieve 6 goals below.

  1. To engage in creative activities using local resources, as a way to revitalize Diébougou.
  2. To enjoy the interaction created by co-exhibiting art works from New York, Berlin, Tokyo and many cities from around the world.
  3. To give rise to unfettered, free, uniquely Diébougou ways of thinking. 
  4. To make Diébougou a place of destination for people who want to experience things one can only experience in Diébougou. 
  5. To reflect on how Diébougou can be improved.
  6. To pass on whatever is created in this art show to the next generation of youth in Diébougou.