Join Jason Polan—along with Jenny Tondera and Charlie B. Ward, the team behind publisher Parts & Labor—for a signing of his new book The Land Can Handle It.

A book made up of drawings, pictures, writing, and other things that came out of a road trip Jason Polan went on with a friend in May of 2012.

"Jason Polan's The Land Can Handle It is the inaugural offering from Parts & Labor Books. While many people may be familiar with Polan's Things I Saw feature in The New York Times and his long-running Every Person in New York project, The Land Can Handle Ittakes Polan—and his pen (and camera)—out of the city and into the wide-open spaces of the American West. Equal parts travelogue, scrapbook, road movie, and first-rate mix tape, The Land Can Handle It is a strange and beautiful joyride (complete with Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies and radiator troubles) through the heart of the heart of the country. I've now looked through this lovely and lovingly arranged thing a half dozen times, slowly, and on each new pass I have the increasing sense that I am finally seeing Jason Polan playing with a full band and making a glorious noise. It also makes me desperately want to get in the car and drive, and whenever art gives me that feeling I know I'm looking at or listening to something very, very good." — Brad Zellar, Minnesota author, journalist, and Little Brown Mushroom collaborator

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