Spaces Corners at ICP Museum invites you to a book launch for Surveillance Index Edition One by Mark Ghuneim.


Surveillance Index Edition One is a reference tool and compendium documenting one hundred books related to surveillance photography. The volume marks a time in history when surveillance and the imagery resulting from it have become inescapable parts of our lives, as well as subjects often confronted by artists. Carlo McCormick’s essay in the book, titled “The Eyes Have It,” offers historical context and parses the art historical precedents for this theater of observation. Designed as a reference manual, Surveillance Index Edition One indexes each work by year of publication, title, photographer, description, size, and code. It also includes a representative spread from every title, unique descriptions of every book, a poster showing all the books from Edition One, and a special-edition bookmark. 

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Mark Ghuneim, also known by his favored nom deguerre, Mediaeater, has been interested in surveillance issues since the early days. In 1998, he worked with the NYCLU on the NYC Surveillance Camera Project,which mapped the city’s publicly viewable cameras. From 1997 to 2000, Ghuneim created and ran, an early website focused on the emergent hacktivism movement and what would become the roots of Anonymous, Wikileaks, etc. 

Ghuneim has also worked in the music industry—collaborating with artists such as Jeff Buckley, Public Enemy, Beyoncé, and the Cocteau Twins, and co-producing the 2002 Pixies documentary Gouge—and was proudly the first “digital executive” in the industry (he did not want to kill Napster). In 2005, he founded Wiredset & Trendrr, a real-time technology company later acquired by Twitter, where he worked until May 2016. He co-curated the live-media streams in ICP’s exhibition Public, Private, Secret, on view until January 2017, and continues to maintain the Mediaeater Archive, from which the books in Surveillance Index Edition One have been culled.

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