In ICP's Art Highlight Tours, join recent graduates of ICP’s One-Year Certificate Programs for 15-minute talks providing more insight into their projects on view in Shared Spaces: ICP Recent Graduate Exhibition.

In this Art Highlight Tour, Silvia Saponaro discusses the project Threads.

Tours will be offered throughout the exhibition on Fridays at 4 PM and Saturdays at 2 PM.

Free with Museum admission. No reservations necessary.

About Threads

What constitutes an authentic portrayal of oneself? Since age fourteen, I have taken a photobooth ID picture every year of my life. In this work, I juxtapose these photos with recent images of artifacts and places that reflect my family history and cultural background. The process of weaving is a central motif, echoing both my matriarchal heritage and my training as an architect. Each thread, chosen carefully and woven with precision, carries the stories of the women who came before me and shape who I am today.


Image © Silvia Saponaro