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TransCuba by Mariette Pathy Allen
Mariette Pathy Allen
For more than 30 years, New York based photographer and painter Mariette Pathy Allen has been documenting transgender culture worldwide. In her new publication, TransCuba, Allen focuses on the transgender community of Cuba, especially its growing visibility and acceptance in a country whose government is transitioning into a more relaxed model of communism under Raúl Castro's presidency. This publication therefore records a cultural watershed within Cuba.

The Return by Adrain Chesser & Timothy White Eagle
Adrain Chesser
From 2006 to 2012, Seattle-based photographer Adrain Chesser and Native American ritualist Timothy White Eagle traveled throughout the western states of Nevada, Idaho, California, and Oregon with a loose band of comrades, practicing a hunter-gatherer way of life. This bold adventure necessitated the collective rearing, killing and cooking of animals, foraging for berries, sleeping outdoors or creating shelter and surviving harsh terrain. Chesser and White Eagle's experiment produced the body of work titled The Return, a lyrical portrait of a contemporary nomadic existence.

Gays in the Military by Vincent Cianni
Vincent Cianni
Through compelling photographs and interviews, Vincent Cianni has created an important historical record of the struggles of LGBTQ men and women in the US military. As the Human Rights Commission attests, the US military has a long history of human rights abuses against homosexuals, with harassment and discrimination frequently resulting in lost careers. In many cases, these men and women—highly skilled, well educated, patriotic, courageous, and productive—had attained high rank, received numerous medals, and held top-level jobs that were essential to the military. This volume tells their stories.

Empire by Martin Hyers and William Mebane
Martin Hyers
Between 2004 and 2007, American photographers Martin Hyers and Will Mebane made a series of road trips through the American South, West, and East to create a photographic archive of objects. The project, titled Empire, yielded more than 9,000 photographs captured in 25 states. Hyers and Mebane ventured out into public places, met strangers and accompanied them back to their homes, offices, and factories to photograph. Working in a deliberately forensic fashion, they photographed the objects they encountered—stoves, family photographs, computers, trophies, and the like.

Floating Island by Mike Osborne
Mike Osborne
Mike Osborne's Floating Island revolves around the border-straddling community of Wendover, Utah and West Wendover, Nevada. The book's title refers to a small mountain located at the heart of the nearby Bonneville Salt Flats. Due to a mirage, the mountain appears to hover perpetually above the horizon. Drawing on the phenomenon of the mirage, Osborne merges documentary and cinematic approaches to produce photographs that respect the particularities of the site while also exploring the myths and fantasies that it inspires.

The Forbidden Reel by Jonathan Saruk
Jonathan Saruk
In his new book, Jonathan Saruk documents the cinemas of Kabul—entertainment venues that had been banned under the Taliban but which have sputtered back to life since the US invasion 12 years ago. The Forbidden Reel provides an alternative narrative to life in this violence-plagued city where going to the movies, for many, is an escape from the harsh reality that lies outside the secure confines of the theater.

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