Sol. Young Studios


"Sol. Young
40 West 34th St., NY
1204 Broadway
985 Lexington Ave. 111-113 W. 135th St., NY
142 W. 23rd St, NY.
1807 Amsterdam Ave., NY
474 Tremont Ave., Bronx
23 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn
650-2 Broadway, Brooklyn
157 Newark Ave. Jersey City
923 Broad St., Newark
1622 Chestnut Street. Phila.
543 S. Salinas. St. Syracuse, NY.
2 N. Broad St., Trenton, N.J.
523-533 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y.
129 Wall St. Bridgeport. Conn
Duplicates can be had within one
year from date of sitting"
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