Russell Lee

(1903 - 1986) American


<russell lee="" was="" born="" in="" ottawa,="" illinois,="" 1903="" and="" did="" not="" take="" up="" photography="" until="" his="" thirties,="" after="" studying="" chemical="" engineering.="" joining="" the="" photographic="" section="" of="" farm="" securities="" administration="" fall="" 1936,="" began="" to="" travel="" frequently="" photograph="" rural="" urban="" communities="" midwest="" southwest,="" such="" as="" pie="" town,="" new="" mexico,="" san="" augustine,="" texas.="" fsa's="" longest="" employed="" most="" productive="" photographer,="" he="" worked="" diligently="" for="" agency="" its="" closure="" 1942.="" war="" photographed="" coal="" miners="" department="" interior="" oil="" industry="" standard="" oil.="" following="" a="" 1965="" retrospective="" exhibtiion="" university="" austin,="" texas,="" took="" teaching="" position="" at="" university,="" where="" remained="" retirement="" 1973.
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