Josiah Johnson Hawes

(1808 - 1901) American


Josiah Johnson Hawes was born on a farm in East Sudbury, now Wayland, Massachusetts, in 1808. At seventeen he was apprenticed to a carpenter and practiced the trade for six years, which he gave up to be an artist. “I purchased books, colors and brushes and commenced the study of art . . . I practiced miniature painting on ivory, likewise portraits in oil, landscapes, etc. with no teacher but my books.” In 1841, after seeing a daguerreotype for the first time, he reported that it “ . . . changed my course entirely . . . I gave up painting and commenced daguerreotyping.” He studied the process with Daguerre’s student and agent Francis Fauvel Gouraud in Boston.
In 1843 he joined in partnership with Albert Southworth in the newly established Boston studio. In 1849, he married Nancy Niles Southworth, Albert’s sister, who worked in the studio. During Southworth’s time in California, he maintained the studio with the help of Nancy and her brother, Asa Southworth.
After the dissolution of the partnership in 1863, he remained in business in the old rooms, making portraits and views of Boston and vicinity until his death in 1901.
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