Gioacchino Altobelli

(1814 - 1883) Italian


Gioacchino Altobelli (Terni 1814 – 1878?) was an Italian photographer. Partnering with his friend the painter, Pompeo Molins of Spanish origin, they opened a studio in the Palazzotto Fausti in Rome. The prints of Altobelli & Molins used the wet-collodion process. The red ink studio stamp was often engraved on the cardboard in the lower right. At the end of 1865 the two painter-photographers divided and Altobelli moved to a studio (Premiato Stabilimento Fotografico di Enrico Verzaschi) at Passeggiata di Ripetta, 16 and they had storehouse (MAGAZZINO Via del Corso 135a 136 Roma). A new company was formed "Photographic Establishment Altobelli & Co." which leads us to assume that Atobelli was working in conjunction with other photographers probably including Enrico Verzaschi.
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