Georgi Lipskerov

(1896 - 1977) Russian


Georgi Lipskerov was a son of a Moscow pre-revolutionary progressive journalist and publisher. For many years sports-reporting was his principal interest. In the 1930s he worked as a TASS reporter. He received a number of distinctions and awards for his sports photographs. At the time when journalists were going out to the remote parts of the USSR, Lipskerov went as reporter to the Pamir and Kamchatka. He attempted landscape photography and the social genre, but without any great success. The focus of his work continued to be pictorial journalism, usually on topical subjects, and documentary reportage. During the Second World War, at the age of fifty, he joined an army newspaper. He was the oldest Soviet war photo-reporter and the only one to work for four years without a break, taking photographs at the front. Some of his photographs of that period rank among the best in Soviet war reportage. Daniela Mrázková and Vladimir Remeš, Early Soviet Photographers, London: Shadowdean Ltd, 1982, p. 87
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