Francis Bruguière

(1879 - 1945) American


Born in San Francisco, Francis Bruguière was a painter, musician, and photographer. A 1905 visit to New York and a subsequent metting with Alfred Steiglitz spawned his initial interest in photography. By 1912 he had begun to develop an interest in abstraction and a system of multiple exposure. After moving to New York and opening a studio in 1918, Bruguière photographed for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. He was also the official photographer for the Theatre Guild until 1927. He continued to experiment with photographic abstractions and cut-paper designs, and in 1928 exhibited his work at der Strum gallery in berlin. That same year, Bruguière moved to London and began a new series of light experiments. In 1930, he and Oswell Blakeston produced England's first abstract film, Light Rhythms, based on a series of Bruguière's light abstractions. In the last years of his life, he moved to Northamptonshire to devote himself to painting.
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