Dayanita Singh

(1961) Indian


Dayanita Singh was born in New Delhi, India, and studied Visual Communication at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad and Documentary Photography at the International Center of Photography. Her inspirations are wide-ranging and include the film directors Guru Dutt and Satyajit Ray, the painter Ravi Varma, the tabla player Zakir Hussain, and authors such as Italo Calvino. While she is still best known for her black and white portraits of India’s urban middle and upper classes, over time she expanded her scope to include empty spaces in Mumbai, the eunuch Mona Ahmed, and night landscapes. Singh also has embraced color photography, creating photographs saturated with intense color.
Singh’s works are held in collections including the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Dehli.
Mary O'Donnell Hulme
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