David W. Bowdoin

(1817 - 1880) American


David W. Bowdoin. First advertised as a daguerreian in Salem, Mass., in May, 1843 and April, 1844, in partnership as Snell (W.) and Bowdoin. The pair operated at Mechanic Hall, Essex Street. They also advertised in 1844 in Lynn, Mass. In 1846-1847 he was listed alone at 289 Essex Street, Salem, as well as in Boston at 11-1/2 Tremont Row. An 1846 ad noted he was giving up the Boston location to establish a gallery in Salem. From 1849 to 1851 in Salem he was listed at 208 Essex Street. In 1852 he was listed in partnership as Cremer (J.) and Bowdoin, daguerreian suppliers, and the firm reportedly opened a branch in Boston that year. In 1853 and 1855 Bowdoin was listed at 241 Essex Street. In 1855 and 1856 he was listed in Boston, at 49 Tremont Street, in partnership as Cutting (J.A.) and Bowdoin. Another source listed him in partnership as Bowdoin and Litch (A.) in 1856. From 1857 to 1860 he was listed alone at 49 Tremont Street. During those years he lived in Salem, and in 1860 was listed in that town as a daguerreian.
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