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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and Policies 

Updated 5/19/2023
These policies and guidelines are subject to change by ICP at any time. 
As of May 30, 2023, ICP will no longer requires staff, faculty and students to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This change to our policy is based on the expiration of the federal Public Health Emergency for COVID-19 on May 11, 2023. We nonetheless recommend that all staff, students, and faculty stay current with vaccinations as per CDC guidelines. Masks continue to be welcomed but are not required.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public space where people are present. We cannot guarantee you won't be exposed to COVID-19 by visiting ICP or participating in a course or workshop. Those visiting or joining a course or workshop do so at their own risk of such exposure.

Please Stay Vigilant. Not Feeling Well? Stay Home

While the current COVID trends are positive we ask that you please do not come into ICP facilities if you have COVID-19 symptoms. If you have symptoms, please consider getting tested on day 5.

NOTE: If you had a fever, you must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication and all other symptoms must show improvement before returning.

If You Are Diagnosed with COVID-19

ICP community members (staff, students, faculty) who test positive for COVID-19 should continue to follow the CDCs recommended protocols, which can be found here.

Additionally, please be sure to do the following:

  • Isolate for 5 days.
  • Inform your close contacts (anyone you have been in contact with for at least 10 minutes)
  • Return after 5 days, if you are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication, and your symptoms are improving, or if you never had symptoms.
  • End isolation after day 5 but wear a high-quality mask through day 10.

If You Know that You were Exposed to COVID-19

  • You may report to ICP facilities, but we recommend that you wear a high-quality mask for 10 days.
  • Consider getting tested on day 5.
  • If you begin experiencing symptoms, you should not report to ICP facilities, and we recommend getting tested.

General Guidelines and Policies


Baby strollers are welcome, but cannot be checked.


ICP supports all identities and expressions. Please use the restroom you prefer.

All restrooms are accessible to people using both manual and electric wheelchairs.


Unless otherwise noted, non-flash photography is permitted in all spaces. Video recording is not permitted in ICP’s museum. The use of flash, tripods, and selfie sticks is prohibited in the galleries.

Please note that visitors to ICP may be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded. By attending, you grant ICP permission to use photographs and/or audiovisual recordings in which you appear for archival, documentary, publicity, advertising, or other purposes.

Cell Phones

Visitors can use cell phones throughout ICP’s museum. In consideration of others, we ask that visitors refrain from speaking into their cell phones in the galleries.


Pencils, sketchbooks, and notebooks are permitted in ICP’s museum. However, pens, paints, and easels are not permitted in the galleries.

Food & Drink

Outside food and drinks are not permitted in ICP’s museum.


Smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted anywhere within the building.

Inappropriate Behavior

ICP staff and visitors have the right to an environment free from abusive, threatening, or inappropriate behavior. ICP reserves the right to remove any person acting in an unacceptable or inappropriate manner.


Weapons inside ICP pose a potential threat to the safety and security of our visitors and employees, and firearms of any type are strictly prohibited at all times at ICP.

Violations of the above guidelines and policies may result in your being asked to leave ICP (without refund).

Museum Admissions

For a full list of admissions information, see

Corporate Partners

ICP offers complimentary museum admission to employees of our corporate partners at the Admissions & Information desk, with valid staff identification.

Active Military and Veterans

ICP offers discounted admission to active members and veterans of the United States military with valid identification, and to military families with dependent cards. Tickets are available at the Admissions & Information desk.

Staff from Other Museums

Staff, volunteers, and interns from other museums may receive free admission for two with valid staff identification. Staff from sites and monuments are not eligible.

International Council of Museums (ICOM)

ICOM members receive free admission for two. A valid membership card is required. ICOMOS members are not eligible.

American Association of Museums (AAM)

AAM members receive free admission for one at the Admissions & Information desk. A valid membership card and matching photo identification are required.