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Alumni News 2008

December 2008

Johan Spanner (PJ02) photographed Battle in a Poor Land for Riches Beneath the Soil" for The New York Times, 12/14/08.
Gabriele Stabile (PJ07) has a feature on curators, "My Selector," in issue #58 of The Fader magazine.
Hiroko Shono (GS09) has an exhibition The Room I'm In at the St. John's University Mezzanine Gallery, Manhattan Campus, opening December 4.
Carey Denniston (GS06) was selected for the Photographic Center Northwest's Members' Juried Exhibition, which will be on view at PCNW in Seattle, December 3–January 13. She will be represented by PUNCH Gallery at Aqua Art Miami, December 2–7.
Dayanita Singh (PJ08) will be in conversation with Geoff Dyer December 5 at Frith Street Gallery in London.
Olimpia Ferrari (GS06) is in the two-person exhibition Serenity at the Henry Gregg Gallery in Brooklyn, December 11–January 18.

November 2008

Dayanita Singh (PJ88) has an exhibition Let You Go at Nature Morte in Berlin through January 3. She also has an exhibition Dream Villa at Frith Street Gallery in London through December 20.
Pradeep Dalal (MFA05) is featured in the group exhibition The B-Sides, November 22–March 7, at Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Arts, in Newark.
Arantxa Cedillo (PJ05) has her series "Canada's Only Female Boxing Club" featured in Out of Focus Magazine.
Book Dummies, the ICP Education Gallery exhibition with ICP alumni, was featured in The New Yorker's Book Bench.
Johan Spanner (PJ02) shot The New York Times November 15 story "Congo's Riches, Looted by Renegade Troops."
Yto Barrada (PJ94), Marco Poloni (PJ '91), and Jules Spinatsch (PJ '94) are included in the anthology Photo Art: The New World of Photography from Thames & Hudson.
Naomi Harris (PJ98) published a book America Swings with Taschen. An exhibition of that work is currently on view at M+B in Los Angeles through December 6.
Matthew Porter (MFA06) and Hannah Whitaker (MFA06) are in the exhibition Things Are Strange at New Century Artists, Inc. through November 15.
Martine Fougeron (GS06) was chosen as one of American Photo's Emerging Artists of 2008 in the 30th Anniversary issue. She will be represented by Galerie Esther Woerdehoff at Photo Miami, December 3–7.

October 2008

Victor Sira (GS91) and Esther Levine (PJ97) are participating in "Dummies for Photographers: The Effects of DIY Books on Photographic Practice," a discussion moderated by ICP Librarian Deirdre Donohue at the New York Public Library on October 25, as part of the ARLIS-NY Contemporary Artists' Book Conference. This discussion is in conjunction with the ICP Education Gallery exhibition Book Dummies, which includes Morten Andersen (PJ91), Stephanie Cardon (GS00), Pax Paloscia (GS07), Sira, and Levine.
Shana Wittenwyler (PJ05) is participating in a panel discussion "Photographing the Presidential Campaign" on October 24 at PhotoPlus Expo.
Christoph Bangert (PJ03) is in the group exhibition Battlespace: Unrealities of War at the Sideshow Gallery in Brooklyn, October 25– November 16.
Fryd Frydendahl (GS09) published Familiealbum: portratter fra ungeren with Kasja Gullberg.
Jason Andrew (PJ07), Giovanni Cipriano (PJ08), Toni Greaves (PJ08), Bess Greenberg (MFA09), Jesse Newman (PJ08), Star Reese (PJ08), Liz Rubincam (PJ07), Jonathan Saruk (PJ08), Deirdre Schoo (PJ07), and Tadej Znidarcic (PJ07) participated in the recent Eddie Adams Workshop, a four-day gathering of top professionals in photojournalism, and won various grants, prizes, and assignments.
Amelie Sourget (GS05) has an exhibition Japan's Diaries: 1907–2007 opening at Point of View Gallery October 16.
Martine Fougeron (GS06) has a photo essay, "Itinerant Artists," in The New York Times Fall 2008 issue of Key magazine and a ten-page spread of her Tête-à-tête series in issue 3–2008 of Eyemazing magazine; she was a finalist in the ITS#Seven competition's Pitti Immagine Photo Prize in Trieste, Italy and was shortlisted for the 2008 BMW Paris Photo Prize. At the end of October, she will have a solo exhibition at the Sol Mednick Gallery at the University of the Arts in Phildelphia.
Carey Denniston (GS06) has an exhibition Oh, domain at Punch Gallery in Seattle through November 1.
Arantxa Cedillo (PJ07) is featured in the Magenta Foundation's book Flash Foward—Emerging Photographers 2008, which launches, along with an exhibition at Lennox Contemporary in Toronto, October 9.
Gabriele Stabile (PJ07) is featured in Fader magazine's Photo Special issue (#57) with the story "Temporary Residence," which he bagan as a student. Sasha Cutter (PJ07) is also featured in this issue.
Joseph Rodriguez (GS85) has a new book Still Here: Stories After Katrina published by powerHouse. He will be signing books at the Museum Store on Friday, November 21.
Daphne Chan (GS07) has a series Isolation/Identity as part of the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour at Gallery 808 on 150 Bay Street, October 4–5.
André Lützen (PJ93) has a monograph Before Elvis there was nothing published by Kehrer Verlag.
Suzanne Mejean (GS04) is in the group exhibition Just How Does a Patriot Act: A Response to US Policy at Home and Abroad at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art October 4–26.

September 2008

Shana Wittenwyler (PJ05) has a solo exhibition Portrait of My Father's Dairyland at the University of Wisconsin's Union galleries.
Dayanita Singh (PJ88) was awarded a Prince Claus Award in photography at the Hague.
Joshua Lutz (MFA05) has an exhibition Meadowlands at ClampArt, September 18–October 18.
Sheila Griffin (PJ08) placed first in the 2008 International Photography Awards' Nonprofessional Photography category for Sports Editorial. She also placed in the Family category. Tiana Markova-Gold (PJ07) placed in the Photo Essay Editorial category. Gianni Cipriano (PJ08), Toni Greaves (PJ08), Minny Lee (PJ08), Mansi Midha (PJ08), and Alessandro Vecchi (PJ07) received honorable mentions.
Clemence de Limburg (PJ07) has a portfolio of work featured in the September issue (#16) of Foam Magazine.
Alessandra Sanguinetti (GS92) has an exhibition The Life that Came at Yossi Milo Gallery through October 18.
Brenda Ann Kenneally (MFA97) is the winner of the 2008 Canon Female Photojournalist Award.
Hyla Skopitz (MFA08) has a video featured in Vik Muniz's show Verso at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. September 6–October 11.
Julio Romano (MFA05) has work that has been acquired by the Kinsey Collection at Indiana University.
Carey Denniston (GS06) has an exhibition These Thighs are Seraphims at All City Coffee in Pioneer Square, Seattle, September 4–October 1.

August 2008

Bonile Bam (PJ04) has an exhibition at Seippel Gallery in Johannesburg through October 10.
Lina Haskel (GS05) has two exhibitions this month as part of Nätverket Brudarnas Konstrunda. Folkets Hus, Sweden, a group exhibition, is on view at FIKA on 41 West 58th Street, August 23–October 14. Roadtrips, America is on view at the Art Concept Store in Stockholm, August 24–27.
Alex Morel (GS95) has an exhibition Ties and Attachments at the St. John's University's Mezzanine Gallery in the Manhattan campus.
Joshua Lutz (MFA05) has a new monograph, Meadowlands.
Cynthia Farnell (GS96) will create an installation Presence (Charleston) at the Notso Hotel in South Carolina. It will be on view August 29–September 1.
Alexandre Catiere (GS04) is featured in EIGHT at Randall Scott Gallery in Washington, D.C., August 9–22.

July 2008

Brigitte Grignet (PJ99) has a portfolio, El Corazon del Mundo about Tayronas in Colombia, published in the July issue of Days Japan.
Christine Callahan (MFA09) and Tatiana Kronberg (MFA06) are in the group exhibition I'll Be Your Mirror...So You Can Break into Endless Shards at Heist Gallery, July 17–August 10.
Jessica Dimmock (PJ05) is featured in EIGHT at Randall Scott Gallery in Washington, D.C., July 26–August 8.
Lauren Hermele (PJ06) will be featured in FOTO8's Summer Show, opening July 18 at HOST Gallery in London. Her photos can also be seen in the July/August issue of More magazine.

June 2008

Arantxa Cedillo (PJ05) received the Alexandra Boulat Scholarship from the Toscana Photographic Workshop for her series on Canadian war brides.
Brina Thurston (MFA07) has an exhibition ASSHOLE: Paradigms of consumption traced through its logical end at Dean Project through June 15.
Floriane De Lassée (GS04), as the first recipient of the Joy of Giving Something's Publication Grant at ICP, published her first monograph, Inside Views, with Nazraeli Press.
Brigitte Grignet (PJ99) has her work "Chiloé-La Cruz del Sur" included in the international group show Empty Paradise at the Hague Museum of Photography, June 28–September 21. Her work is also published in the 20th anniversary issue of the German edition of Lettre International.
Jules Spinatsch (PJ94) is featured in the group exhibition Shifting Identities: Swiss Art Today at Kunsthaus Zürich, June 6–August 31.

May 2008

Francesca Cao (PJ07), Christina Clusiau (GS07), Chang Dai Park (PJ07), Clemence de Limburg (PJ07), Alice Dison (PJ07), Emile Hyperion Dubuisson (GS07), Julia Gillard (PJ07), Chiara Goia (PJ07), Yo Imae (PJ07), Lucy Helton (PJ07), Shiori Kawasaki (PJ07), Tiana Markova-Gold (PJ07), Noemi Nin Pfluger (GS07), Kathryn Obermaier (PJ07), Christina Paige (PJ07), Pax Paloscia (GS07), Liz Rubincam (PJ07), Deidre Schoo (PJ07), Satomi Shirai (GS07), Gabriele Stabile (PJ07), Louise Ingalls Sturges (GS07), Xabier Tudela (GS07), and Tom White (PJ07) are in the group exhibition Amerika, as part of the Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival, June 6–8.
Kim Badawi (PJ06) is featured in the book, 25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers, Volume 2, from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University and powerHouse. It is accompanied by an exhibition at the NYU's Gulf and Western Gallery May 29–June 28.
Joshua Lutz (MFA05) is featured in a Daylight magazine podcast about his new monograph from powerHouse, Meadowlands.
Tiana Markova-Gold (PJ07) for Student Book and Jessica Dimmock (PJ05) for Multimedia were both winners at the first annual New York Photo Awards.
Alexandre Catiere (GS04) is featured in the group exhibition I Bought Me a Cat through June 8 at b>gallery in Rome.
Leonora Hamill (GS03) is featured in the group exhibition FRàGIL through June 7 at Espai Ubú in Barcelona.

April 2008

Clemence de Limburg (PJ07) has been chosen to participate in the 15th Annual World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass.
Johan Spanner (PJ02) has written an entry, What I Remember," with his photos for The New York Times "Baghdad Bureau: Iraq from the Inside" column.
Clemence de Limburg (PJ07) and Rhea Kalam (GS07) are winners of the Camera Club of New York's juried competition, as selected by Larry Fink. An exhibition of the winners' work is on view through June 5.
Jules Spinatsch (PJ94) is in the group exhibition Herz:Rasen through July 6 at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna.
Matthew Monteith (GS95) is the recipient of the Abigail Cohen Rome Prize for visual arts from the American Academy in Rome.
Gastón Solnicki (GS03) has a feature film, süden, showing April 14, 15, and 17 at the Buenos Aires Festival of Independent Film.
Wouter Deruytter (GS90) has an exhibition Wicked Creek at Light & Sie Gallery in Dallas April 17–May 24.
Dayanita Singh (GS88) is featured in the exhibition The Home and the World, which opens April 17 at the Gallery at Hermès on 691 Madision Avenue.
Floriane de Lassée (GS04) has a solo exhibition Inside Views at the Galerie Philippe Chaume through May 24.
Hannah Whitaker (MFA06) has a portfolio of work in and is featured on the cover of issue no. 37 of Blind Spot.
Christopher LaMarca (PJ02) and Joshua Lutz (MFA05) are in the group exhibition, Shifting Landscapes, which opens Thursday, April 10 at powerHouse Arena Gallery.
Daniel Canogar (NYU/ICP90) is featured in the exhibition Inner & Outer Space at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, opening April 25.

March 2008

Chiara Goia (PJ07) photographed and wrote the March 30 story "Finding Her Voice" for The New York Times.
Marla Leigh Caplan (MFA07) and Brina Thurston (MFA07) are featured in The New York Times article "Gatekeepers to the Art World."
Daniel Canogar (NYU/ICP90) has an exhibition at Gallery Guy Bärtschi in Geneva through May 16.
Alexia Webster (PJ08) photographed and wrote the March 2 article "The Hatters" for The New York Times.
Myriam Abdelazziz (PJ05) has a series Beyond the Velvet Rope on view on the Millennium Images website.
David Smith (MFA07), as part of the collaborative group The G-77, is featured in the exhibition The Ides of March at ABC NO RIO through April 4.
Brina Thurston (MFA07) has an exhibition Dark Pump at the Rivington Arms through March 22. This work was featured in "The Insider as Art: Go Ahead and Stare" in The New York Times on March 9.
Christian Erroi (GS01) has a solo exhibition Hemianopia/Agnosia at the Poissant Gallery in Houston, Texas.
Jules Spinatsch (PJ94) is currently featured in the exhibition Vertige through May 12 at the Galleria Gottardo in Lugano, Switzerland. His work will also be shown in the group exhibition Panoramic Scenes opening March 14 at the Centre de la Photographie in Geneva.
Christina Paige (PJ07) is one of this year's PDN's 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch.
Joanna White (GS07) is featured in the group exhibition WWIII: A Wonder Women Project at Mana Fine Arts in Jersey City through April 12.
Clemence de Limburg (PJ07) was selected by Larry Fink as the winner of Camera Club of New York's annual juried competition. The exhibition, Satmar, New York, runs from March 7 to April 18.

February 2008

Joao Pina (PJ05) photographed the February 23 article "Cheap Cocaine Floods Argentina" for The New York Times.
Sheila Griffin (PJ08) photographed and wrote the February 17 article "Kitchen Ambition" for The New York Times.
Gabriele Stabile (PJ07) photographed Jen Bekman for the story "Easing the Pain of Collecting" in The New York Times.
Michele Berzoni (PJ07) shot the cover story "Italy's Mess" for the February 25 international issue of Newsweek.
Brigitte Grignet (GS99) has a solo exhibition Palestine, Unfortunately It Was Paradise in the 6th International Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts in Liège, Belgium.
Giovanni Del Brenna (PJ02) is featured in the group exhibition Food for Your Eyes opening February 19 at Kinokho Studio in Paris.
Abigail Simon (MFA06) co-presented Edible Complex, an evening of performance, screenings, installations, and eating at Paloma in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Wednesday, February 6. This event featured Marla Leigh Caplan (MFA07), Florence Montmare (GS00), Daniela Ortiz (GS07), Federica Paoletti (GS04), Hyla Skopitz (MFA08), Brina Thurston (MFA07), Adam John Ward (MFA08), and Quito Ziegler (MFA08).
Emma Raynes (GS06) has an exhibition called Father, I am Waiting/Pai, Estou Esperando—A Visual Connection Between Brazilian Sugarcane Workers and Their Families at the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University.
Heather Musto (GS05) curated From Shanghai and Beijing, an exhibition of photographs by darkroom staff member, Wayne Liu, in the Chelsea Market photo gallery through March 2.
Jessica Dimmock (PJ05) was selected to be part of the new VII Network.
Martine Fougeron (GS06) has a solo exhibition, Tête-à-Tête at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art February 28–April 12.

January 2008

Myriam Abdelaziz (PJ06), Kim Badawi (PJ06), Melanie Einzig (NYU/ICP96), and Mark Manley (PJ06) are featured in the exhibition, Diversity of Devotion, at the Brooklyn Public Library through April 19.
Lara Alcantara (MFA07), Paula Odevall (GS07), Paola Paloscia (GS07), Ryan Thatcher (GS07), Hyla Skopitz (MFA08), Andre Watts (GS07), and Tom White (PJ07) all contributed to the photography in The Go Green East Harlem Cookbook.
Alexandra Cartiere (GS05) is in the two-person inaugural exhibition Anima Russa at the Galleria Otto Zoo in Milan through February 28.
Christine Callahan (MFA09) curated the group exhibition Threshold, at the Camera Club of New York through January 26.
Giada Ripa di Meana (GS99) is in the group exhibition Singular at Luxe Gallery.
Johan Spanner (PJ02) has been in Pakistan, photographing for The New York Times.
João Pina (PJ05) has an exhibition at the Point of View Gallery called For Your Free Thinking, January 17–February 17.
Carey Denniston (GS06) is part of the group exhibition The Lack of Desire at the Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery, January 17–April 11.
Yto Barrada (PJ94) is featured in the exhibition Brave New Worlds at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

© Brigitte Grignet, PJ99
© Brigitte Grignet, PJ99

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