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Durst Family

2011 Recipient of the ICP Trustees Award: The Durst Family

The Durst Family.

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The Durst Organization Inc.

For nearly 100 years, the Durst family has re-imagined, renewed, and re-invented New York's skyline. Innovators with an idiosyncratic and creative approach to building and development, the Dursts have become the permanent avant garde of New York's real estate families. From the conversion of 3rd Avenue in the 1950s from flop houses and bars to office buildings, to the transformation of Times Square into New York's premier business district, to ground-breaking sustainable skyscrapers and the rebuilding of One World Trade Center, the Dursts have always blazed the trail. They are the single largest donor to ICP through the generous contribution of our museum and adjacent collections storage and office space.

Infinity Awards on Flickr

Infinity Awards on Flickr

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