Laurie McLeod

Laurie McLeod

Laurie E. McLeod, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, has been a part of ICP since mid-2015. She brings over twenty years of operational and financial expertise to the institution, with extensive experience in non-profit and corporate sectors. Her specific skills include managing multi-million dollar budgets and designing and implementing performance-based metrics as an integral part of quality improvement and effective goal setting.

Laurie received both her BA in Human Development and her MBA in Marketing and Organizational Behavior from Boston College. She began her career in the insurance and financial fields at Prudential Property and Casualty Insurance, and Pershing, a division of BNY Mellon. She transitioned into entertainment and, as AVP of Administration; worked with the support departments at Radio City Music Hall. Tasks included coordination of "New Horizons" Rockette transition program, and coordination with the City of NY on historic landmark safety provisions.

Subsequently Laurie spent six years as Director of Finance and HR for the consulting firm, Spectrem Group. She was responsible for operations management and the effective transition during merger and acquisition initiatives.

Prior to joining ICP, Laurie worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region where, as COO, she oversaw all support services. During her 13-year tenure, Laurie helped grow the newly merged agency into the third largest among 325+ nationwide, and one that now serves over 7,000 children and mentors annually.

Since joining ICP, Laurie and her team have worked to provide high-quality customer service, and to continue to deliver ever-improved reporting and support functionality at decreased costs. She believes strong support and effective administrative services are necessary to provide staff with tools needed to deliver successful initiatives and ultimately, help fulfill ICP’s mission and achieve its goals.