The support of our friends and patrons—through leadership, planned or in-kind gifts, and special events—helps sustain ICP’s mission.

Leadership Gifts

Our program committees maintain ICP’s standing as a world-class museum and school. Participation also allows patrons to share their expertise and convene with fellow supporters. Committee members are recognized in numerous ways, including invitations to exclusive events. 

The DEAN’S COUNCIL plays a key role in supporting the ICP School by spearheading audience development initiatives, Community Programs, and scholarships, which enable students from around the world to attend ICP. Participation as a member of the Dean’s Council begins at $10,000 annually.

The EXHIBITIONS COMMITTEE plays a role in the development and funding of ICP exhibitions. At each meeting, members receive an overview of upcoming exhibitions and those in development, and vote on allocating committee contributions. Our Curators introduce presentations and discussions of new and interesting photography from around the world, and visits from guest artists and photography specialists expand our understanding of the field. Participation as a member of the Committee, which is chaired by ICP Trustee Almudena Legorreta, begins at $7,500 annually.

The ACQUISITIONS COMMITTEE supports the development of ICP’s permanent collection. At each meeting, ICP curators propose work for acquisition. Debates inspired by their choices provide insights into the medium of photography, from its earliest days to contemporary forms; and members vote on directing committee contributions. Participation as a member of the committee, which is chaired by Alice Zimet, begins at $7,500 annually.

Support from the FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY, co-chaired by Evan Mirapaul and ICP Trustee Stephanie Shuman, ensures that ICP is able to sustain and develop our Library’s role as a provider of free access to exhibition catalogs, artist files, and books on photography from throughout the world. A valued resource for artists and scholars, the ICP Library is the only library in New York City dedicated exclusively to photography.

The Legacy Society

A lasting financial commitment to ICP can be made through appreciated securities, closely held stock, bequests, gifts of personal property, life insurance, real estate, or charitable lead trusts. Please contact us to discuss becoming a member of the LEGACY SOCIETY and helping to ensure ICP's future.