Our Museum Education program provides interpretative materials and events for educators. These resources introduce visitors to photography while building visual literacy and critical thinking skills.

Focus on Photography: A Curriculum Guide

The guide is an exceptional resource for those at all levels of experience in teaching and in photography, designed to inform educators about the many possibilities and interdisciplinary applications of photographic education in school and after-school settings (grades K-12). Written by museum educator and former ICP Coordinator of Community Programs, Cynthia Way, the guide draws on ICP's long-term experience and translates its practice for a much broader audience.

In an effort to make its value as accessible as possible, the entire Guide is now available. Depending on your grade level and particular interest, you can download each chapter individually. Feel free to use and distribute its contents as you wish.

We hope you enjoy Focus on Photography: A Curriculum Guide!

Table of Contents
Part I: Visual Literacy
Chapter 1: Why Photographic Education?
Chapter 2: The Language of Photography
Chapter 3: Visual Literacy

Part II: Teaching Photography
Chapter 4: Teaching the Basics
Chapter 5: Strategies for Developing Projects
Chapter 6: Meeting Educational Goals
Chapter 7: Documentary Photography Projects
Chapter 8: Portraiture Projects

Part III: Curriculum Connections
Chapter 9: Making Curriculum Connections
Chapter 10: Photography and History
Chapter 11: Photography and Social Studies
Chapter 12: Photography and Multicultural Education
Chapter 13: Photography and Literature
Chapter 14: Photography and Writing
Chapter 15: Photography and Other Art Media
Chapter 16: Photography and Digital Imaging
Chapter 17: Photography and Professional Applications

Part IV: Resources
Focus Lesson Plans and Activities
Appendix 1: Basics of Photography
Glossary of Photographic Terms

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Special Thanks

Generous support for this project came from Andrew and Marina Lewin, the GE Fund, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Cultural Challenge Program. We thank them along with the contributing photographers and reviewers whose participation was invaluable.