Teaching Assistant

Department: Education
Compensation: Unpaid/Volunteer


Teaching Assistants are volunteers who form a vital part of ICP by supporting its classes and facilities. Many pursue this opportunity as an invitation into an evolving network of innovative imagemaking. ICP welcomes those hoping to engage with the photographers, educators, artists, students, and enthusiasts comprising its community.

Requirements and Qualifications

ICP Teaching Assistants possess a strong desire to learn and connect with others who are passionate about photography. Friendliness and an ability to work in a dynamic environment are critical.

Assignments can require both beginner and advanced knowledge of photography since they involve various activities throughout the school. Teaching Assistants supporting the school's facilities and events may possess varied skill levels. However, a class Teaching Assistant must be familiar with the material being covered, such as mixing the chemistry for a darkroom course, or studio lighting equipment knowledge for a lighting course.

New applicants are required to fulfill a 10-week requirement or 40-hour minimum as a facilities Teaching Assistant in at least one of the four areas of the school: Darkrooms; Media Lab Office; Lab Resource Office; Library. Shifts are typically four to five hours per week. This 10-week commitment will also help you become familiar with ICP and its policies, which will help you when assisting a class.

Assist ICP staff with:

  • Communicate with and assist the public, including: students, faculty, TAs, and staff in an informative, cordial, and friendly manner.
  • Provide service and multi-task while volunteering in a busy, noisy, and space-constrained office environment.
  • Making phone calls, making reservations, signing students in and out of the facility, lending equipment while maintaining a professional manner.
  • Replenishing pamphlets, forms, hand-outs, and any other informational supplies, as needed.
  • Turn on/turn off equipment; lock/unlock computers.
  • Checking lab and work areas for cleanliness or other issues and report problems in the proper venue.
  • Volunteers may need to exhibit strong interpersonal skills and flexibility.
  • Adhere to ICP volunteer policies and procedures.
  • Act as a role model for other TA’s.
  • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude.
  • Communicate regularly with department management about departmental issues.
  • Volunteer shifts may be as long as 5-hour shifts with minimal breaks, and may require sitting, talking and listening.
  • Volunteers will need to consistently report to volunteer assignment on time.

Application Deadline


How to Apply

Please complete and send the TA application along with a copy of your resume, to ApplyTA@icp.edu. Candidates that meet the program’s requirements will be contacted for an interview.

The International Center of Photography is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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