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Infinity Awards 2013

2013 Recipient for the ICP Trustee Award: Pat Schoenfeld

Pat Schoenfeld
Patricia Schoenfeld. Photo by Samantha O'Keefe.

Patricia Schoenfeld was born and raised in New York City and has had a long and varied career in the visual and performing arts. As an accomplished ceramic artist, her work has been included in many private collections and exhibited in galleries throughout Connecticut and New York. In 1974, she began working with Cornell Capa to establish the International Center of Photography. As a founding staff member of ICP, she launched the book store and the publications department, began the membership and intern programs, and assisted with public relations and corporate memberships. After working at ICP for eight years she joined ABC Video Enterprises where she helped inaugurate the ARTS cable service. Upon her retirement in 1987 she joined the ICP Board of Trustees where she and other Board members helped cultivate ICP into the organization it is today.

Infinity Awards on Flickr

Infinity Awards on Flickr

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