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Program Committees sustain ICP's standing as a world-class museum and school by giving patrons the opportunity to play an integral role in shaping the institution's key programs. Membership benefits include unparalleled access to curators, artists, and educators; three annual meetings, ranging from intimate dinners with noted artists to lively debates about proposed acquisitions; and invitations to exclusive receptions, tours, and other events at ICP and within the world of photography.

Acquisitions Committee

Chaired by Ellen Kelson and Melissa Stewart

Members are intimately involved in the acquisitions process as ICP's curatorial staff chooses significant photographic works to build the permanent collection. Debates over collection choices and curatorial discussions provide insights into works both within and outside the photographic canon. At each meeting, ICP curators present new works for purchase, after which members decide where to direct committee contributions through a lively exchange. Participation begins at $7,500.

Education and Community Programs Committee

Chaired by Bicky Kellner and Lois Zenkel

Members play a key role in funding the programs of the School at ICP, including expanding audience development and museum education initiatives. At each meeting, members learn about an aspect of ICP's master's degree, certificate, continuing education, or community programs. Guest lectures and off-site tours are often components of these gatherings. As a benefit of membership in this Committee, members periodically receive complimentary school publications. Participation begins at $5,000.

Exhibitions Committee

Chaired by Peter Guggenheimer and Janice Stanton

Members assist staff in the development and funding of museum exhibitions in conjunction with ICP's long-term exhibition goals. At each meeting, members receive an overview of current and proposed exhibitions from curatorial staff, often previewing new discoveries. Curators periodically present slides of new work from around the world, providing members with unique exposure to contemporary photography. Chief Curator Brian Wallis gives a brief report at each meeting, and members decide where to direct committee contributions. Studio visits, gallery tours, and presentations, often with well-known photographers, follow meetings or occur on other dates during the year. As a benefit of membership in this Committee, members periodically receive complimentary exhibition catalogues. Participation begins at $7,500.

Friends of the Library

Chaired by Evan Mirapaul and Stephanie Shuman

Friends of the Library support ensures that ICP is able to sustain and develop the library's increasingly important role in the community, providing free access to resources rarely found in other libraries and databases, many of which are unique to ICP. Friends will be invited to many special events exclusive to ICP's library supporters, including displays, celebrations, in-depth discussions on publications, screenings, and pop-up reading rooms. As a Friend of the Library, you will receive a special, limited-edition publication each year, available only to Friends. Participation begins at $1,000.