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Travel Programs

  • Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
    Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
  • Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
    Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.

ICP's travel programs take you all around the world. Led by our seasoned faculty members, these workshops not only provide you with hands-on learning in exciting locations, they also offer the experience of a lifetime.

For additional information about ICP's travel programs and registration, call the Education Department at 212.857.0062.


Croatia | August 30–September 6, 2015


The Island of Cres in Croatia

August 30–September 6, 2015 | Sally Gall

In our search for a place that combines extraordinary landscapes and adventure together with gastronomy and history, we quickly focused on the island of Cres in Croatia. What makes it special is how nature played with the given ingredients— crystal clear Adriatic Sea, tall hills and mountains with occasional sharp drops, a freshwater island lake, enchanting forests, and the footprints of humans who have made their mark here for centuries. A landscape workshop relies almost entirely on what can be seen and found all around. And Cres gives any visitor numerous opportunities to explore and be amazed. Combine that with the local expertise of our team, who can point out the place to be at sunrise and sunset, guide you through the ancient gastronomy, and, of course, show you a good time. Under the skillful leadership of Sally Gall, who works as an editorial, advertising, landscape, and lifestyle photographer in New York, participants will find inspiration to further their own work in a motivational setting. Daily field work and review provide the basis for learning and adopting new techniques in photographing landscapes and other subjects. The Cres photo workshop is a sensory event, leaving you wanting more to see, taste, and feel. The workshop is open to photographers and enthusiasts at all levels of photographic knowledge. All participants must have the following: a digital camera, a portable computer, and photo editing software. Tripods and other photo equipment are a bonus, but not a necessity. All participants must know how to properly use their equipment.

The workshop fee of $3,200 includes double-occupancy room in the hotel Kimen in Cres, breakfast and dinner at the hotel plus 7 lunches at different locations, local driver and touring van, and tuition. Single rooms are available to early registrants on request, for a supplemental fee of $400. A nonrefundable $500 tuition deposit is required upon registration. The fee does not include the round-trip international airfare and transportation to the island of Cres or alcoholic beverages during meals. Full payment is due June 1, 2015.