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Travel Programs

  • Alessandria del Carretto, Southern Italy. © Lina Pallotta.
    Alessandria del Carretto, Southern Italy. © Lina Pallotta.
  • Marseille, France. © Stéphanie de Rougé.
    Marseille, France. © Stéphanie de Rougé.
  • Lake Como, Italy. © Holly Smith Pedlosky
    Lake Como, Italy. © Holly Smith Pedlosky
  • Taos, New Mexico. © Harvey Stein.
    Taos, New Mexico. © Harvey Stein.
  • Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
    Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
  • Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
    Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.

ICP's travel programs take you all around the world. Led by our seasoned faculty members, these workshops not only provide you with hands-on learning in exciting locations, they also offer the experience of a lifetime.

For additional information about ICP's travel programs and registration, call the Education Department at 212.857.0062.


Southern Italy | April 22–May 5, 2015
Marseille, France | June 29–July 5, 2015
Lake Como, Italy | August 7–17, 2015
New Mexico | August 15–23, 2015
Croatia | August 30–September 6, 2015

La Festa della Pita in Southern Italy

April 22–May 5, 2015 | Lina Pallotta

Alessandria del Carretto is a small, picturesque village of approximately 700 inhabitants located in the mountains of the Pollino National Park in Southern Italy. Each year, for two weekends in the spring, the village celebrates La Festa della Pita (The Fir Tree Festival). The origin of the ancient festival is unknown, but one will recognize the symbolism and legacy of a pagan past based on the worship of nature. Our photo journey begins before the festival begins, when the group travels from Rome to Montegiordano by the Ionian Sea in Southern Italy. Our home base will be the Agriturismo Grassetti in Montegiordano. Thursday the group settles in and explores the beautiful surroundings. Friday we set to work looking at your photographs and discuss what to expect the first weekend of the festival and how each student may want to approach photographing it. One aim of this workshop is to provide students with the opportunity to document the festival in the way they would like to: by recording events as they unfold, or working with the landscape, or capturing portraits, or even as a personal journey. On Saturday, we travel to Alessandria del Carretto for the first weekend of the festival; we participate in the festivities of the town on Saturday night, then travel up into the mountains to where the big fir is cut and transported down the mountain by the villagers.

During the week, we edit and discuss our photographs from the first weekend. We visit some Arbëreshë villages, go to the nearby village of Rocca Imperiale, and visit the Svevo Castle for dinner. In addition, we take a day trip to Matera, where we explore the ancient town, the "Sassi di Matera" (meaning "stones of Matera"), the castle, and some churches. The scenery is truly breathtaking, and no description prepares one for the wonderfully surreal landscape. The second weekend, we travel back to Alessandria del Carretto, where the tree brought down the mountain will be raised in the center of town.

This program is open to photographers at every level who are interested in reportage. Students must have a DSLR. A portable computer to download the files is suggested but not required, just make sure to tell us if you don't bring one with you!

The workshop fee of $4,100 includes lodging (double occupancy), a welcome reception, light lunches and dinners, tuition, critiques, private consultations with the instructor and assistants, field trips, A/R BUS trip ROMA/MONTEGIORDANO, lunch and dinner in Alessandria del Carretto and Matera, dinner in Rocca Imperiale, and a banquet on the last evening. Single rooms are available to early registrants on request for a supplemental fee of $400. A nonrefundable $1,000 deposit is required to reserve your place. The fee does not include the round-trip international airfare. Note: Please do not purchase airline tickets until the trip is confirmed. Full payment is due March 11, 2015.


Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea, France

June 29–July 5, 2015 | Stéphanie de Rougé

Centrally located on the Mediterranean sea at the crossroads of Northern Africa, Southern Europe, and Western Asia is one of the largest European ports since antiquity: Marseille. Situated in a region of intense history, offering a rich diversity of religions, languages, and cultures, a multiplicity of enchanting flavors and unexpected colors, unique and stunning nature, Marseille is both classical and modernist, eclectic and minimalist, loud and silent. It is also an adventure for all the senses and a challenge for the visual artist. Monet, Chagall, and others spent years trying to tame its unusual light. Capturing that light will be our main challenge during the week. We explore the contrasting architecture of the city, from the legendary Notre-Dame de la Garde to the ultra modern Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations. Accompanied by a French painter and cook, we travel the city's markets (Prado and Nouailles) where we can taste both local Provençal products and Asian delicacies. We practice street photography in the picturesque neighborhood known as "Le Panier," where tiny alleys, abrupt staircases, and quaint churches challenge our sense of space. We then hike in the "Roucas Blanc" to practice exposing in extreme lighting situations. One day is spent exploring the arid and sweet-smelling Mediterranean flora and learning how to create depth in a flat landscape. A half-day expedition at sea with professional sailors, provides an opportunity to explore the notion of border, picture the relationship between city and sea, and learn to observe and shoot the liquid element.

As it can be very hot in Marseille, we start early each morning and stop shooting before lunch. Lunch (not included in the fee) is had in local markets or cafés. Following the local custom, we take a short rest after lunch and gather indoors for two to three hours in the afternoon to upload, edit, and develop our photos. We then go out again for sunset shoots and dinner. There will be time to cool off with a swim at least once a day.

Each day offers the possibility of many photographic challenges. Participants refine their exposure and composition skills, learn to expand their shooting style, and experiment with street, architecture, portrait, action, and landscape photography. We review Lightroom's editing possibilities and focus on storytelling. The goal of this workshop is to assemble a travel diary about the city of Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea. Final projects are presented on the last night at the hotel, after our July 4 special dinner. The next day, we upload our projects to Blurb and send them to print. A date will be chosen by the group to gather in New York to share memories of the trip and discover one another’s printed books!

Each participant will need a camera (DSLR recommended), a laptop with the latest version of Lightroom, an external hard drive, and an international outlet converter.

The workshop fee of $3,990 includes double-occupancy room at the Hotel La Residence, breakfast every morning, three dinners at the hotel including a special feast on July 4. Single rooms are available to early registrants on request for a supplemental fee of $700. Transportation by taxi to the Calanques and the boat ride are also included in this fee. A nonrefundable $1,000 deposit is required to reserve your place. Note: The fee does not include round-trip airfare. note: Please do not purchase airline tickets until the trip is confirmed. Full payment is due April 20, 2015.


Lake Como: The Light and Life of the Italian Lake Country

August 7–17, 2015 | Karen Marshall

Explore your personal relationship with photography while basking in the beautiful landscape of Lake Como at the foothills of the Swiss and Italian Alps in Italy. During this ten-day visual retreat in the spectacular environs of Lake Como, participants have the opportunity to explore the beauty of the landscape, villas, and gardens, the vibrant culture of the surrounding villages, and the light of this magical lake country. This workshop provides a nurturing environment to consider personal vision while offering a deeper understanding of how to better create cohesive and articulate bodies of work.

Meeting daily at the Hotel Villa Cipressi in Varenna, we have time to contemplate and immerse ourselves in the beauty of our surroundings, the people, food, and culture. We split our time between photographic adventures and in-depth critiques. Critical discussions about intent, editing, sequencing, and the creation of visual stories balanced with the daily practice of photographing encourage the formation of a unified photographic voice. There is ample opportunity for casual conversation, one-to-one feedback, reflection, and the chance to create photography in a small supportive community. The idyllic setting promises to illuminate and rejuvenate participants’ relationship with the visual impressions of the world they are so motivated to capture.

The workshop fee of $4,750 includes lodging at the luxurious Villa Cipressi for ten nights (double occupancy with private bath and ample breakfasts), field trips, tuition, a welcoming reception and dinner, lunch in a mountain tavern, and a Northern Italian banquet on the last evening. Single-room supplements are available to early registrants on request for $1,100. Guests are welcome in this workshop; the companion fee of $3,750 includes shared lodging, breakfasts, all group meals, and field trips. The workshop will be confirmed with a minimum of eight participants by May 15, 2015. A nonrefundable deposit of $1,000 is required to reserve your place. Full payment is due June 1, 2015.


New Mexico: Taos and Environs

August 15–23, 2015 | Harvey Stein

Join us for a photographic adventure based at an historic hacienda in Taos, one of the first European settlements in the United States. Taos has many facets to its personality as a frontier outpost, Hispanic village, growing art center, and small Western town. Our private van will transport the group to the lofty peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the spectacular scenery of the Rio Grange Gorge, and to the wondrous hills of Georgia O'Keefe's Ghost Ranch area. We will also photograph Native American pueblos, adobe structures, historic churches, local festivals and spend a day exploring Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico (like going back in time 40 years).

Frequent lectures combined with daily photographic activity offer a rich input of technical and esthetic concerns. Instruction will cover strategies of approaching strangers and the appropriate lens choices, as well as issues of landscape photography, portraiture, and photographing in all kinds of available light. The group will also explore the special light characteristic of New Mexico during early morning and evening excursions, and photographing with and without flash. Digital photography will provide the opportunity for quick feedback and critiques. Historical and contemporary images of New Mexico, and especially the Taos/Santa Fe area, will be shown for context and inspiration.

The workshop is open to all levels of photographers who have a good working knowledge of their cameras. Moderate hiking and walking will be required in this fast paced, information packed workshop. Limited to 14 participants.

Workshop fee: $3,500. Fee includes 8 nights lodging (double occupancy, $750 extra for single supplement), all breakfasts, most lunches, and one welcome dinner. A non-refundable $500 deposit must accompany your registration to reserve a space. Placement is on a first come, first serve basis so we urge early registration. Upon receipt of registration, participants will receive an information packet with travel suggestions and recommended material to bring. Workshop begins on Saturday evening, August 16 in time for a welcome dinner and concludes on Sunday morning, August 24.


The Island of Cres in Croatia

August 30–September 6, 2015 | Sally Gall

In our search for a place that combines extraordinary landscapes and adventure together with gastronomy and history, we quickly focused on the island of Cres in Croatia. What makes it special is how nature played with the given ingredients—crystal clear Adriatic Sea, tall hills and mountains with occasional sharp drops, a freshwater island lake, enchanting forests, and the footprints of humans who have made their mark here for centuries. A landscape workshop relies almost entirely on what can be seen and found all around. And Cres gives any visitor numerous opportunities to explore and be amazed. Combine that with the local expertise of our team, who can point out the place to be at sunrise and sunset, guide you through the ancient gastronomy, and, of course, show you a good time. Under the skillful leadership of Sally Gall, who works as an editorial, advertising, landscape, and lifestyle photographer in New York, participants will find inspiration to further their own work in a motivational setting. Daily field work and review provide the basis for learning and adopting new techniques in photographing landscapes and other subjects. The Cres photo workshop is a sensory event, leaving you wanting more to see, taste, and feel. The workshop is open to photographers and enthusiasts at all levels of photographic knowledge. All participants must have the following: a digital camera, a portable computer, and photo editing software. Tripods and other photo equipment are a bonus, but not a necessity. All participants must know how to properly use their equipment.

The workshop fee of $3,200 includes double-occupancy room in the hotel Kimen in Cres, breakfast and dinner at the hotel plus 7 lunches at different locations, local driver and touring van, and tuition. Single rooms are available to early registrants on request, for a supplemental fee of $400. A nonrefundable $500 tuition deposit is required upon registration. The fee does not include the round-trip international airfare and transportation to the island of Cres or alcoholic beverages during meals. Full payment is due June 1, 2015.