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Travel Programs

  • Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
    Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
  • Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
    Cres, Croatia. © Petar Kurschner.
  • Lalibela, Ethiopia. © Jay Seldin.
    Lalibela, Ethiopia. © Jay Seldin.
  • Havana, Cuba. © Jay Seldin.
    Havana, Cuba. © Jay Seldin.
  • Havana, Cuba. © Jay Seldin.
    Havana, Cuba. © Jay Seldin.
  • Venice, Italy. © George Jardine.rge Jardine
    Venice, Italy. © George Jardine.

ICP's travel programs take you all around the world. Led by our seasoned faculty members, these workshops not only provide you with hands-on learning in exciting locations, they also offer the experience of a lifetime.

For additional information about ICP's travel programs and registration, call the Education Department at 212.857.0062.


Venice, Italy | September 12–22, 2014

Cuba | December 3–10, 2014

Ethiopia | February 22–March 4, 2015

Croatia | August 30–September 6, 2015

Venetian Light & Life—From Within: A 11-Day Digital Photo Workshop

September 12–22, 2014 | George Jardine

Join George Jardine, former Adobe Pro Photography Evangelist, in Venice for a power-packed digital photography workshop, designed to strengthen technique and skill and to nurture years of creative inspiration. Participants learn the fundamentals of shooting RAW file images as well as Lightroom's extensive capabilities for image editing, organization, and optimization (anybody preferring to use Photoshop over Lightroom can do so with Adobe Camera Raw). Jardine will help you expand your photographic vision and perfect your technique in sessions that offer demonstrations, assignments, presentations, field trips, and group critiques. Participants will create their most compelling images as we explore all aspects of Venice. On field trips, we cruise the golden-hued lagoon to visit secret gardens and private venues. We dine at the famous Gatto Nero Ristorante on the island of Burano and indulge in Venice's signature tapas and wine treats: cicchetti e ombre.

This 11-day immersion in Italian life, landscape, art, and food provides priceless photography and visual stories to last a lifetime. Lodging (double occupancy with private bath and breakfasts) is at a private, fully modernized Renaissance cultural center in culture-rich Dorsoduro with inner courtyards, gardens, air-conditioned interiors, and internet. Or, for a supplement, participants can choose to stay at a nearby three-star luxury hotel.

Please check this link for further information:

Workshop fee: $4,400. Fee includes lodging, welcome reception and dinner, classroom tuition, critiques, private consults with instructor and assistants, field trips, free boat transportation on the vaporetti, lunch on Burano, and a banquet on the last evening. Double rooms for single use are available to early registrants on request, for a supplemental fee of $1,200. Guest/companion fees are available for $3,400.


Cuba: A People to People Educational Exchange

December 3–10, 2014 | Jay Seldin

The opportunity to visit "Forbidden Cuba" seems to be on everyone's bucket list these days. Our Cuban photo excursion is an 8-day/7-night experience in which you will meet face to face with Cubans from all walks of life. This is an extraordinary opportunity for U.S. citizens to share thoughts, insights, and ideas with the Cuban people, centered on a people-to-people cultural and photo exchange. Our partnership with Cuba Cultural Travel will make your participation in this program one of your fondest travel experiences. We will provide participants with a visa and Letter of Authorization for travel from the United States to Cuba and back. Our journey will take us to the streets, courtyards, and homes of people who reside in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Baracoa. You will learn about daily life in these amazing, complex cities and in nearby towns, where we will travel to see special cultural treasures. You will have a rare opportunity to visit with the Cuban people behind the aging facades of their homes, to photograph their interiors and create environmental portraits of the people that we meet.

Our people-to people cultural exchange offers you the rare opportunity to spend time in Havana, the capital city known as the jewel of the Caribbean. Our excursion to the eastern province takes us to Santiago, the second largest city in Cuba and the birthplace of the Revolution and all things Afro-Cuban, and to Baracoa, the oldest city in Cuba, surrounded by tropical forests that stretch to the majestic sea. Along the way, we will visit local markets, artists in their studios, and small fishing villages. This is a location-oriented cultural photo exchange—we will not keep you indoors discussing Photoshop, but we will be there to advise and assist, whether about composition, camera handling, or Photoshop/Lightroom workflows. This program is open to photographers at every level, from the novice to advanced enthusiasts. You must have a DSLR or a film SLR camera to participate.


Ethiopia: A Photographic Expedition of Africa's Spiritual and Tribal Traditions

February 22–March 4, 2015 | Jay Seldin

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, having a recorded civilization dating from the second millennium BCE. Ethiopians are people of extraordinary grace, beauty, strength, resilience, and intelligence whose spiritual and tribal traditions and sense of cultural and personal dignity have remained intact throughout the centuries.

Our photo journey is divided into two main locations. In the north, we explore the ancient sacred spiritual traditions of Coptic Christianity and Jewish traditions that predate Western society by centuries. Many say that Ethiopia is the site of the "Garden of Eden." We will visit Lalibela and photograph the underground churches built by King Lalibela beginning in the 12th century. How they were built remains a mystery—some say they are the eighth wonder of the world. The second part of our photo workshop is an overland adventure. We fly into the remote tribal lands of the south to visit peoples living in traditional village compounds far from the beaten path. Photo opportunities include portraits, environments, landscapes, and tribal ceremonies.

The workshop fee of $6,595 includes lodging, all meals, air conditioned ground transportation, internal domestic air flights, English speaking local guides, porterage of baggage, tips for meals. Single rooms are available to early registrants on request, for a supplemental fee of $800. A nonrefundable $1,000 tuition deposit is required upon registration. Full payment is due by November 17, 2014. Fee does not include R/T international air fare, alcoholic beverages, local guide, and driver tips.


The Island of Cres in Croatia

August 30–September 6, 2015 | Sally Gall

In our search for a place that combines extraordinary landscapes and adventure together with gastronomy and history, we quickly focused on the island of Cres in Croatia. What makes it special is how nature played with the given ingredients— crystal clear Adriatic Sea, tall hills and mountains with occasional sharp drops, a freshwater island lake, enchanting forests, and the footprints of humans who have made their mark here for centuries. A landscape workshop relies almost entirely on what can be seen and found all around. And Cres gives any visitor numerous opportunities to explore and be amazed. Combine that with the local expertise of our team, who can point out the place to be at sunrise and sunset, guide you through the ancient gastronomy, and, of course, show you a good time. Under the skillful leadership of Sally Gall, who works as an editorial, advertising, landscape, and lifestyle photographer in New York, participants will find inspiration to further their own work in a motivational setting. Daily field work and review provide the basis for learning and adopting new techniques in photographing landscapes and other subjects. The Cres photo workshop is a sensory event, leaving you wanting more to see, taste, and feel. The workshop is open to photographers and enthusiasts at all levels of photographic knowledge. All participants must have the following: a digital camera, a portable computer, and photo editing software. Tripods and other photo equipment are a bonus, but not a necessity. All participants must know how to properly use their equipment.

The workshop fee of $3,200 includes double-occupancy room in the hotel Kimen in Cres, breakfast and dinner at the hotel plus 7 lunches at different locations, local driver and touring van, and tuition. Single rooms are available to early registrants on request, for a supplemental fee of $400. A nonrefundable $500 tuition deposit is required upon registration. The fee does not include the round-trip international airfare and transportation to the island of Cres or alcoholic beverages during meals. Full payment is due June 1, 2015.