In our online photography classes, you can further your interests and participate in our creative community from anywhere in the world. ICP's online education platform supports the unique needs of a photographic education, with a social learning environment in which students can access course materials, upload work to an individual gallery, and discuss assignments. Classes include weekly live webinars with instructor-led critiques and lectures.

To ensure that students receive useful feedback and support, enrollment is limited. We recommend early registration.


Online Continuing Education Low Residency Program

The Online CE Low Residency Program is designed for students looking to engage with a community of serious and dedicated students to move their photography in new and exciting directions. All students must present a digital portfolio (up to 20 images) demonstrating their interests in photography and a brief written statement about their goals. An online interview with program coordinator and student mentor Ben Gest will also be scheduled after the digital portfolio is reviewed. For further information, please contact Ben Gest at [email protected] or by phone 212.857.0053.

Upcoming Classes

Understanding Composition: The Ins and Outs

INSTRUCTOR: Anja Hitzenberger
COST: $515

This course is designed for photographers who want to refine and develop their composition skills and improve their photographic seeing. Students develop a heightened sensitivity to their surroundings while photographing in urban environments, concentrating on lines, shapes, light, color, and people. Outdoor and indoor shooting exercises cover urban and public places, environmental portraits, and more conceptual approaches. During group critique, we analyze what works—and what doesn't—in an image, a process that helps students create dynamic photographs. Discussions cover compositional tools, aesthetic intentions, and effective editing. A comparative study of historical and contemporary photographers and filmmakers, from documentary to conceptual, is presented.

Prerequisite: Photo I or portfolio review

Making It Work: Building a Sustainable Artistic Practice

INSTRUCTOR: Lesly Deschler-Canossi
COST: $515

By creating as few as five photos a day, students can integrate the daily act of shooting to build a sustainable artistic practice. This practice allows for creation to happen organically, without disrupting the demands of daily life. This course is designed for students with busy schedules, heavy commitments, and a desire to make creative work. Through weekly critiques, encouragement, and accountability, students find that creativity moves from the to-do list to an enjoyable habit. While this course is geared toward students with full-time commitments such as family or demanding jobs, this is an opportunity for anyone looking to ignite their creativity or build a body of work. Students may work in any format as long as they can present work digitally for class discussions. Fine-art print production and modes of presentation are discussed for future consideration. Sharing work via social media, online photography magazines, and self-publishing are discussed.

Seeing What's Right in Front of You: Photographing Your Own Life with New Eyes

INSTRUCTOR: Joanne Dugan
COST: $515

Inspiration for photographers can come from any place at any time. The life you live today is full of potential photo projects—there is no need to travel to exotic locations to create memorable work. What matters most is to focus on what truly, personally moves you. Your daily life can be the source of endless inspiration once you let yourself look more closely, or, as Ernst Haas said, "What we see is what we are." Each class session provides innovative, experimental exercises and discussions to help you hone your seeing skills and inspire you to think differently about yourself, your vision, and your photographic practice. We explore technical and expressive ways to transform your photographs into personal and memorable visual statements. Feedback is plentiful and a supportive atmosphere is emphasized. The course is designed to be a learning journey for those newer to photography and a creative kickstart for those with more experience. This course is appropriate for photographers with a range of skills as the assignments are individualized. We also study the work of various master photographers, writers, and other artists for inspiration. You will leave with a set of both practical and intuitive tools that can be used every time you pick up a camera. Risk taking is encouraged. All cameras/formats are welcome (including phone cameras) and images are uploaded for class viewing and discussion.

Prerequisite: Photo I or portfolio review

Understanding & Working with Light

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Rothman
COST: $515

The ability to recognize the marriage of great light and subject matter is an invaluable component of photographic understanding, and it is central to what makes certain pictures exceptional. In this course, we explore the fundamentals of light and discover how to translate its many qualities into photographic forms of expression. We discuss the differences between the way our eyes see light, the way our cameras record it, and the way our prints and computer screens represent it. We become familiar with lighting ratios and the ways we can use them to control contrast and the descriptive and emotive qualities of a picture. Coursework includes weekly assignments and critiques of student pictures. Lectures and discussions about the work of great photographers deconstruct, picture by picture, the source and direction of light, what effects its quality, and how it contributes to the success of an image.

Prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review

The Photographic Marketplace—The Personal and Professional: Making Projects Viable

COST: $515

The aim of this course is for students to have a clearer under- standing of the sometimes challenging realities of today's photographic marketplace. We discuss how students' personal projects and their professional work fit into this reality and how to make their projects financially viable. The online meetings focus on subjects such as photographic visual language, writing business plans and doing market research, the principles of marketing and branding, the use of social media, and how to set up crowdfunding and sourcing campaigns. Students prepare a business plan or project proposal. Coursework combines assignments in photography, editing, market research, and writing.

Prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review

Street Photography: Capturing Your City's Spirit

COST: $515

New York is one of the most exciting and intriguing cities in the world, a heterogeneous metropolis whose streets serve as a stage for a variety of unique characters and situations. In this course, students focus on capturing this special personality and vibe while developing their street photography techniques. Topics include equipment choices, lens selection, creative use of existing light and fill-in flash, daytime vs. evening photography, photographing strangers, identifying photographic potential, capturing candid moments, and creating multilayered images. Photographs and projects of master photographers are discussed. Students are expected to participate in field trips, complete weekly assignments, and present work for weekly critique.

Prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review