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Online Education

Through our online classes, students can further their photographic interests and actively participate in our creative community while residing anywhere in the world.

ICP's online education platform supports the unique needs of a photographic education. Each course provides a socially interactive learning environment in which students can access and discuss assignments and course materials. Each student is provided with his/her own dedicated online web gallery to upload work for discussion and critique.

Classes meet in weekly live sessions (webinars) for instructor-led critiques and lectures. The current course offerings are listed below.

To ensure that students receive a qualitative learning experience, enrollment in each course is limited. To secure a spot in these initial course offerings, early registration is recommended.

2014–2015 Classes

Structuring a Photograph: Finding the Frame and the Light THIS CLASS IS FULL
14FOLPV102 | November 11, 2014–January 27, 2015 | Tuesdays | 7–9 pm | $530 | Richard Rothman
There are several fundamental decisions that are made every time a photograph is taken that determine the structure and composition of an image, and the quality of the outcome. In this course we'll break down the various elements of what makes a successful photograph so that we can become better image-makers. Through critiques of our own pictures, assignments, presentations, and discussions of the work of great photographers, we'll examine the importance of where the photographer stands in relation to the subject, how the image is framed, the choice of the lens, the way the light articulates the subject, and many other factors that define the language of a photograph. Students will be required to submit work weekly for group discussion on projects of their own choosing.
Prerequisite: Photo I or portfolio review

Building a Personal Body of Work THIS CLASS IS FULL
14FOLPV205 | November 18, 2014–January 3, 2015 | Tuesdays | 1–3 pm | $530 | Martine Fougeron
This class will focus on your desire to make a coherent body of work, which you might have already started or dreamt of starting, and never did or never quite finished. The important element is that you be committed to your project—be it fine art portraiture, stills, landscape or more conceptual themed work—and be passionate. The class will give you the insights, impetus, process, and tools to take your personal project the next level and to finalize it by the end of the class, with an understanding of your unique process, style, and character as well as the examination of your practice. This class begins with a look at students' portfolios and an assessment of their personal goals. Full immersion into the project is expected, whether the task at hand requires weekly photographing, editing, and printing, sequencing, and laying out an exhibition or book idea, or a moving image projection or simply presenting the work on a website. Through weekly gentle critiques and discussions, students are taught how to orchestrate all these important decision making processes and the means necessary to achieve self-defined goals. The class will end with the final presentation of the body of work, which should be comprised of at least 25 images ready for an exhibition but can also be up to 80 images for a book project or an extensive slide show or a new web site or a social media blog or an art installation.
Prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review

Photography II: Online
15WOLDP101 | January 12–March 16, 2015 | Mondays | 1–3 pm | $530 | Keisha Scarville
In this intermediate course, students refine their creative and technical skills and, through lectures and assignments, explore the aesthetic and compositional aspects of photography, working toward developing a personal visual language. Presentations on historical and contemporary artwork introduce various photographic genres such as portraiture, landscape, and documentary. Using Adobe Lightroom, students develop effective workflows for sorting and editing images and refining image adjustment skills. Students also learn advanced techniques for converting images to black-and-white and are introduced to the technical and aesthetic uses of camera flash.
Prerequisite: Photo I or portfolio review

Photography I: Online
15WOLDP000 | January 14–March 18, 2015 | Wednesdays | 1–3 pm | $530 | Terttu Uibopuu
This course introduces beginners to the creative and technical possibilities of digital photography. Through demonstrations and hands-on sessions, students learn the basics of using cameras and imaging software to produce digital photographs. Topics include camera operation, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, RAW file formats, white balance, and composition. Using Adobe Lightroom, students learn file management and image enhancement. Lectures on historical and contemporary artwork explore creative approaches to photography, and assignments build photographic skill sets.
Prerequisite: Computer literacy; a digital SLR or mirrorless camera capable of shooting RAW files.



To participate in an ICP online course, students need a computer with a high-speed network connection, a web browser using Java 6.0 or above, a webcam, and a pair of headphones.