In our online photography classes, you can further your interests and participate in our creative community from anywhere in the world. ICP's online education platform supports the unique needs of a photographic education, with a social learning environment in which students can access course materials, upload work to an individual gallery, and discuss assignments. Classes include weekly live webinars with instructor-led critiques and lectures.

To ensure that students receive useful feedback and support, enrollment is limited. We recommend early registration.


Online Continuing Education Low Residency Program

The Online CE Low Residency Program is designed for students looking to engage with a community of serious and dedicated students to move their photography in new and exciting directions. All students must present a digital portfolio (up to 20 images) demonstrating their interests in photography and a brief written statement about their goals. An online interview with program coordinator and student mentor Ben Gest will also be scheduled after the digital portfolio is reviewed. For further information, please contact Ben Gest at [email protected] or by phone 212.857.0053.

Upcoming Classes

Memory as Prompt: Making Deeper Work

16SOLPV204: Apr 18, 2016 - Jun 27, 2016 | MONDAY | 1-3 PM ET
COST: $515

This course helps students achieve more depth and complexity in their work. Emphasis is placed on choosing the right subject or material, then analyzing that choice for its relevance and meaning. Exercises with memory uncover interests, preoccupations, and connections to current circumstances that may help to find a productive direction. Once a project is underway, results are critiqued in order to refine decisions regarding format and approach. Editing and sequencing are important factors in clarifying intention and allowing the work to communicate fully. Many references are made to contemporary photography, as well as to examples from the history of photography, art, and film. Any subject is welcome as long as the photographer is convincingly engaged with it and it promises sufficient complexity. Online group discussions occur in shared real time, and both research and shooting assignments are given.

Prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review

From Intent to Edit: Establishing a Relationship With Your Work

16SOLPV208: Apr 20, 2016 - Jun 22, 2016| WEDNESDAY | 12-2 PM ET
INSTRUCTOR: Karen Marshall
COST: $515

This workshop is a relationship-building course that helps photographers establish strategies and methods to organize, meditate on, and ponder their images. The quest for an individual focus is important and frequently a difficult task for the emerging photographer. Often it is easier for photographers to "take" a picture than it is for them to see what they actually produced. Knowing how to edit and refine the outcome of a shoot is of equal importance and fundamental when building a relationship with one's own photography. This course helps photographers develop strategies to assess their images. Students are encouraged to stand back, evaluate, and reflect on their images, learning how to better understand the success and clarity of their photographs. Class critiques bolster students' ongoing relationship with their independent practice.

Prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review

Understanding & Working with Light

16SOLPV207: Apr 26, 2016 - Jun 28, 2016| TUESDAYS| 7-9 PM ET
INSTRUCTOR: Richard Rothman
COST: $515

The ability to recognize the marriage of great light and subject matter is an invaluable component of photographic understanding, and it is central to what makes certain pictures exceptional. In this course, we explore the fundamentals of light and discover how to translate its many qualities into photographic forms of expression. We discuss the differences between the way our eyes see light, the way our cameras record it, and the way our prints and computer screens represent it. We become familiar with lighting ratios and the ways we can use them to control contrast and the descriptive and emotive qualities of a picture. Coursework includes weekly assignments and critiques of student pictures. Lectures and discussions about the work of great photographers deconstruct, picture by picture, the source and direction of light, what effects its quality, and how it contributes to the success of an image.

Prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review

Lightroom Comprehensive

16SOLLR000: Apr 26, 2016 - Jun 28, 2016 | TUESDAYS | 1-3 PM ET
INSTRUCTOR: Ports Bishop
COST: $515

Adobe Lightroom offers an intuitive, simple, yet professional solution for organizing, adjusting, and outputting large quantities of digital images. Students learn to sort images into easily manageable databases, color correct and retouch images, and output images for various purposes, such as printing, emails, slide shows, and websites. NEW

Prerequisite: Macintosh literacy or Macintosh Basics (free of charge), or portfolio review

Building a Personal Body of Work

16SOLPV205: Apr 28, 2016 - Jun 30, 2016 | MONDAY | 1-3 PM ET
INSTRUCTOR: Martine Fougeron
COST: $515

Building a coherent body of work requires passionate commitment. This course provides the insight, impetus, process, and tools to take a personal project to the next level, with an understanding of each student’s unique process, style, and character. The course begins with a look at students’ portfolios and an assessment of their personal goals. Through weekly critiques and discussions, students learn how to orchestrate all the important decision-making processes and the means necessary to achieve the self-defined goal of bringing their projects to fulfillment. Full immersion in a project is necessary, whether the task at hand requires weekly photographing, editing, and printing, sequencing and laying out images for an exhibition or book, producing a moving-image projection, or simply presenting work on a website. The workshop culminates with student presentations of their projects, comprised of at least 25 and up to 80 images ready for exhibition, book publication, or a website slide show.

Prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review

Visual Storytelling: Strategies for Transforming Ideas

16SOLPV107: Apr 28, 2016 - Jun 30, 2016 | THURSDAYS | 10 AM-12 PM ET
INSTRUCTOR: Anja Hitzenberger
COST: $515

This course is designed for photographers and media artists who want to tell personal stories through images and are interested in exploring ideas that could grow into long-term projects. Students will develop strategies for building sequenced stories, and are free to choose between documentary, multimedia, or conceptual projects. Through critiques, we will learn how to create dynamic images with an emotional message and the elements needed to tell a story. We will also discuss compositional tools, aesthetic intentions, and effective editing. Different storytelling styles incorporating a variety of media will be presented, including the work of historical and contemporary photographers, filmmakers, and media artists, from documentary to conceptual. Customized assignments will fit each student’s project.

Prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review

Landscape Photography

16SOLLA100: May 5, 2016 - Jul 7, 2016 | THURSDAYS | 7-9 PM ET
INSTRUCTOR: Richard Rothman
COST: $515

Place is an essential aspect of our existence. Landscape photography allows us to explore and analyze our relationship to the places we pass through and inhabit, and it affords us the opportunity to respond to what we see and feel about the world around us. Whether photographing nature or the densely populated urban spaces of New York City, shooting the landscape requires preparation and photographic awareness. In this course, outdoor shooting assignments and critiques are combined with readings and discussions about place and historical and contemporary landscape photographers. The class Discussions of photographic processes and techniques are aimed at deepening students' awareness of natural light and the skills needed to approach the landscape photographically. Setting up a shot, understanding lenses and exposure, and developing the skills that allow us to concentrate on image-making are some of the necessary elements of craft that are addressed.

Prerequisite: Photo I or portfolio review

Making it Work: Building A Sustainable Artistic Practice

16SOLPV004: May 10, 2016 - Jul 12, 2016 | TUESDAYS | 12-2 PM ET
INSTRUCTOR: Lesly Deschler-Canossi
COST: $515

By creating as few as five photos a day, students can integrate the daily act of shooting to build a sustainable artistic practice. This practice allows for creation to happen organically, without disrupting the demands of daily life. This course is designed for students with busy schedules, heavy commitments, and a desire to make creative work. Through weekly critiques, encouragement, and accountability, students will find that creativity moves from the to do list to an enjoyable habit. While this course is geared toward students with full-time commitments such as family or demanding jobs, this is an opportunity for anyone looking to ignite their creativity or build a body of work. Students may work in any format as long as they can present work digitally for class discussions. Fine-art print production and modes of presentation are discussed for future consideration. Sharing work via social media, online photography magazines, and self-publishing is discussed. NEW