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Online Education

Through our online classes, students can further their photographic interests and actively participate in our creative community while residing anywhere in the world.

ICP's online education platform supports the unique needs of a photographic education. Each course provides a socially interactive learning environment in which students can access and discuss assignments and course materials. Each student is provided with his/her own dedicated online web gallery to upload work for discussion and critique.

Classes meet in weekly live sessions (webinars) for instructor-led critiques and lectures. The current course offerings are listed below.

To ensure that students receive a qualitative learning experience, enrollment in each course is limited. To secure a spot in these initial course offerings, early registration is recommended.

2014 Classes

Street Photography: Capturing Your City's Spirit
14MOLPJ204 | July 28–August 28 | Mondays & Thursdays | 7–9 pm | $530 | Natan Dvir
Every city in the world has a unique character and offers endless opportunities for capturing fascinating pictures along its streets that serve as a stage for a variety of unique characters and situations. In this course, students focus on capturing this special personality and vibe while developing their street photography techniques. Topics include equipment choices, lens selection, creative usage of existing light and fill-in flash, daytime vs. evening photography, photographing strangers, identifying photographic potential, capturing candid moments, and creating multilayered images. Photographs and projects of masters and contemporary photographers are discussed. Students are expected to complete weekly assignments and present their work for critique in class.
Prerequisite: Photo I or portfolio review

Developing a Personal Vision
14MOLPJ204 | August 19–September 18 | Tuesdays & Thursdays | 12–2 pm | $530 | Karen Marshall
This class offers the emerging image maker the opportunity to refine their personal voice and direction as a photographer. Students develop a framework for finding their own expression and approach, initiating discussions about generating ideas and confronting a subject matter. By focusing on the honing of editorial skills, students grasp the complexities of producing effective bodies of work. Assignments will challenge participants to work in individual and dynamic ways; consider composition, equipment choices, media, lighting, and personal intent. Shooting and uploading images to the course page, they will share and view their results with fellow students online prior to the weekly live class critique. Students work towards a final portfolio that will be completed and presented during the final class session.
Prerequisite: Photo I

Photography I: Digital
14MOLDP000B | August 25–September 24 | Mondays & Wednesdays | 1–3 pm | $530 | Stéphanie de Rougé
This course introduces beginners to the creative and technical possibilities of digital photography. Through demonstrations and hands-on sessions, students learn the basics of using cameras and imaging software to produce digital photographs. Topics include camera operation, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, RAW file formats, white balance, and composition. Using Adobe Lightroom, students learn file management and image enhancement. Lectures on historical and contemporary artwork explore creative approaches to photography, and assignments build photographic skill sets.
Prerequisites: Computer literacy; a digital SLR or mirrorless camera capable of shooting RAW files.

Toward a Union of Style and Evidence
14MOLPJ205 | August 26–September 25 | Mondays & Wednesdays | 7–9 pm | $530 | Stephen Ferry
This intensive workshop builds students' skills as documentary photographers, with an emphasis on rigor, accuracy, and fairness toward the subject matter, as well as the development of personal style. These two poles-journalistic accuracy and personal expression-are often in creative tension within nonfiction photographic practice. As a medium that simultaneously reports on the outside world and functions as a powerful tool of personal expression, documentary photography plays an important role in mediating between the self and other. Through assignments, group critiques, and discussion of the work of major photographers, this workshop immerses students in the central questions of nonfiction photography. The editing of assignments is emphasized as an integral part of developing a personal style. The goal of this course is to produce a complete photographic essay suitable for publication or exhibition.
Prerequisites: Photo II or portfolio review



To participate in an ICP online course, students need a computer with a high-speed network connection, a web browser using Java 6.0 or above, a webcam, and a pair of headphones.

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