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Grace Plaza

  • Jesse Chan, Turquoise
  • Brian Driscoll, Red Hoek
  • David Godichaud, Water: what reality for the next generations?, Coney Island, New York, October 4, 2009
  • Adrienne Grunwald, The Big Jump
  • Annie Ling, Untitled
  • Viviana Peretti, Anonymous New York
  • Mae Ryan, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, Indian
  • Liz Sales, Steam
  • Bianca Sanchez, Home and Universe
  • Wenjie Yang, The Long Dam

As you may have noticed, the Grace Plaza above the School at ICP is undergoing extensive renovation. As part of this construction project, our landlord, Brookfield Properties, has generously allowed us to use the protection wall around the plaza perimeter to exhibit the work of ICP students. Peep Holes features the work of the recent alumni below.

Visit their websites:

Viviana Peretti

Mae Ryan

Liz Sales

Bianca Sanchez

Wenjie Yang

Jesse Chan

Brian Driscoll

David Godichaud

Adrienne Grunwald

Annie Ling

Education Gallery

Education Gallery

See the Imagemakers 2014 exhibition on view through June 3, 2014