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Education Gallery

  • Lucretia Moroni
    © Lucretia Moroni
  • Ali Kate Cherkis
    © Ali Kate Cherkis
  • Ellen Steinberg Coven
    © Ellen Steinberg Coven
  • Tildabeth Doscher
    © Tildabeth Doscher
  • Farhad Farman-Farmaian
    © Farhad Farman-Farmaian
  • Annabel Lin
    © Annabel Lin

The Rita K. Hillman Education Gallery exhibits the work of students, alumni, and faculty.

Open Daily
10 am–6 pm

Advanced Continuing Education Track 2014 Student Exhibition

On View: September 5–November 23, 2014
Opening Reception: September 4 | Thursday | 6 pm

Curated by Ports Bishop, Ben Gest, and Richard Rothman

This survey exhibition is the culmination of a year of work by the students of ICP's Advanced Continuing Education Track Program. This part-time program brings together those dedicated to the development of their ideas and the refinement of their photographic craft. It provides the opportunity to study with talented peers and faculty, and grants access to the structure and resources needed to facilitate the creation of their art. Intelligence and refined skill fill these walls and demonstrate the richness and sophistication of ICP's community. The students’ diverse and ambitious work is in conversation with photography's rich history and ever-changing present. The photograph as document, witness, index and representation is explored in this exhibition and portrays the depth of questions these artists have examined.
— Ben Gest, Coordinator, Advanced Continuing Education Track Program

Lauren Casselberry
Ali Kate Cherkis
Ellen Steinberg Coven
Tildabeth Doscher
Farhad Farman-Farmaian
Annabel Lin
Lucretia Moroni
Sharmila Sen
Jennifer Shea

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Past School Exhibitions

Past School Exhibitions

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