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Alumni News 2005

December 2005

Ixone Sadaba (GS06) had an exhibition at Art Space in Amsterdam.
Lauren Lancaster (PJ05) had an entire portfolio published in Le Monde on December 8.
Brenda Ann Kenneally (NYU/ICP97) had her book Money, Power, Request published by Channel Photographics.
Pradeep Dalal (MFA05) had reviews published in the 12/15/05 edition of the newsletter

November 2005

Capucine Bailly (PJ05) was included in an exhibition at Le Bar Floreal Gallery in Paris.
Charlotte Oestervang's (PJ05) Portraits from Kentucky received a Merit Award in the Photo District News Digital Imaging Contest.
Adam Ames of Type A (GS94) is in Will Boys Be Boys: Questioning Masculinity in Contemporary Art at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum at Cornell through January 8, 2006.
Alex Morel (GS95), Julie Trempe Moos (GS92), and Stuart O'Sullivan (GS95) were in Face & Figure, organized by Daniel Cooney at the Westport Arts Center.
Johann Spanner (PJ02) had photos on Iraq in The New York Times on 10/23/05 and 11/20/05.
Tim Lehmacher (GS96) had an exhibition at Daniel Cooney.
Rita Leistner (GS01) is featured in the book Unembedded: Four Independent Photojournalists on the War in Iraq and also has a feature article in the Toronto Star.

October 2005

Assume Vivid Astro Focus (a.k.a. Eli Sudbrack, GS99) had a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles; he was also the subject of an Arts & Leisure feature in The New York Times (10/9/05).
Mary Galligan (PJ05) and Stacy Mehrfar (GS02) were accepted into the Makor Artists-in-Residence program of the 92nd Street Y. Their work will be included in an exhibition at Makor.

September 2005

Lina Haskel (GS05) received first prize in the Lucie Awards/International Photography Awards 2005 for her project CBGB's, and second prize for Neverending Tour, both in the student category for Music. She also received five honorable mentions in the student categories for Music, Interiors, Feature Story, and Lifestyle.
Birgitta Lund (GS89) was featured in an exhibition at the Fondation HSBC in Paris in September.
Wouter Deruytter (GS90) had an exhibition Billboards, NY at Wessel+O'Connor Fine Art.
Ray Klimek (GS02), who received a Matthew Tierney Fellowship through ICP, had a one-night show at the Daniel Cooney Gallery on September 14.
Sumit Dayal (PJ06) was in The 10 Show, featuring top photojournalists from around the world, at Chelsea Market.

August 2005

Veras Images, a new photo agency formed by 15 recent ICP Photojournalism Program graduates, has been described as "a collective of emerging international photographers based in New York who have assembled to provide coverage of compelling feature stories, underreported topics, and significant social trends." Veras was promoted at the Visa pour L'image photography festival in Perpignan, France, in August.
Arantxa Cedillo (PJ05) was awarded the 2005 Ian Parry Scholarship, given to a young photographer each year for the completion of a special project. Cedillo's project examines the New York City healthcare system, documenting the emergency room at Bellevue Hospital.

July 2005

Dov Israeli (GS04) was in a group exhibition at Makor Gallery called Marking Time.
Matthew Monteith (GS02) was featured in Artkrush in its "One To Watch" column on 7/13/05.
Johann Spanner (PJ02) had a front page picture in The New York Times on 7/14/05.
Charlotte Ostervang (PJ05) won first prize in the ASMP Image05 Photo Competition.

June 2005

Lisa Ehrenkranz (ICP/NYU85) was in the exhibition La Mysterieuse Ile de Sein at Abri du Marin in Ile de Sein, France.
Alex Morel (GS95) had his first solo exhibition at the Fotomuseum Winterthur and was in a group exhibition at Daniel Cooney Fine Art.
Christoph Bangert (PJ03) had his second New York Times cover photo on 6/9/05.
Stephanie Keith's (PJ01) photo essay on 5th grade ballroom dancers in the NYC public schools appeared in USA Today in June (photo above).

May 2005

Suzanne Mejean (GS04) had her first solo exhibition at GFL Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Jonathan Hayon (GS04) was in the Hey, Hot Shot Spring Winners Showcase at Jen Bekman Gallery.
Christoph Bangert (PJ03) had a New York Times cover photo on 5/5/05.
Stacy Mehrfar (GS02) had her project "American Palimpsests" chosen from among 3,000 submissions as the winner in the "Personal Work" category of this year's PDN Photo Annual and was featured in the May issue.

April 2005

Dayanita Singh (GS88) received a rave review from Holland Cotter in The New York Times (3/30/05) for her exhibition at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
Benjamin Hoy (PJ02) had his work on the "ghost world of Detroit" in a exhibition at the Susanne Hilberry Gallery.
Irinel Stegaru (NYU/ICP90) had an exhibition alongside an exhibition of Robert Capa's work at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, Germany.
Alessandra Sanguinetti (GS92) had a full-feature profile in the April issue of Photo District News.
Johan Spanner (PJ02) had a photo essay profiling Iraqi citizens on the BBC website, and his photographs featured in Newsweek.
David Trilling (GS01) had a photo essay on the drug wars in Afghanistan on

March 2005

Lisa Ehrenkranz (NYU/ICP85) had a solo exhibition Impressions of New Orleans at the French Institute Alliance Française.
Dayanita Singh (GS88) was featured in a show at the Asia Society.
Eri Morita and Jehad Nga were profiled in the March issue of Photo District News in their annual "Top 30 Emerging Photographers" feature.
Floriane De Lassée captured the top prize in PDN's student photo contest.
Christoph Bangert (PJ04) was selected for the exhibition 50 Photographers of Tomorrow at the Musée d'Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Victor Sira (GS92) and Alessandra Sanguinetti (GS92) were chosen to represent ICP in an exhibition at ENSP National Photography School in Arles on the 20th anniversary of the ICP and Arles programs.

February 2005

Zana Briski won the Academy Award for best documentary for her film Born Into Brothels.
Adriana Groisman's (PJ85) Tango photographs were on view at the Leica gallery in New York.
Dov Israeli's work was featured in the February issue of American Photo On Campus in the "student portfolios" section.
Stuart Sullivan (GS94) showed images of South Africa in How Beautiful This Place Can Be at Daniel Cooney Fine Art.
Julio Romano (MFA05) was included in First Look, an exhibition of work by students in New York-area MFA programs at the new Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill.

January 2005

Barbara Salinas (GS02) was listed as a "rising star" in the January 2005 issue of Photo District News.
Johan Spanner (PJ02) had a photo essay on Iraq featured in the online magazine Pixel Press.
Kelly Shimoda (PJ05) had a photo essay in the City section of The New York Times (1/9/05).

© Pradeep Dalal, MFA05
© Pradeep Dalal, MFA05