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Alumni News

February 2015

Cynthia Farnell (GS96) has an exhibition Ancestors at Biggin Gallery, Auburn University, Alabama, February 5–March 12.

January 2015

Andre Lutzen (PJ93) has an exhibition Zhili Byli at Galerie Robert Morat, Hamburg, Germany, January 17–March 21.
Nona Faustine (MFA13), with faculty members Nina Berman, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith, is in the group exhibition Respond at Smack Mellon, January 17–February 22.
Fryd Frydendahl (GS09) is a guest on The Undergang Armchair podcast.
Kristoffer Axén (GS10) is in the two-person exhibition Head to the Ground at Domeij Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, January 15–February 8.
Eri Morita (GS97) has an exhibition Close your eyes, make a wish. at Nikon Image Plaza Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, January 14–27.
Felix Swensson (GS10) photographed "Welcome to Speeden" for Vice.
Beril Gulcan (GS10) has work featured on Oldmagnet.
Chelsea Goodchild Spengemann (MFA05) talks about Becoming Disfarmer, the exhibition she curated, in "Faces of a Small Southern Town: 'Becoming Disfarmer'," at the Neuberger Museum of Art" for The New York Times.
Daphne Chan (GS07) is featured in Nomorepotlucks #37.
Theo Zierock (PJ14) has a portfolio of work featured on The New York Times.

December 2014

Christophe Tedjasukmana (GS06) photographed "A Relationship with Style and Substance" for The New York Times.
Malin Fezehai (GS04) photographed "Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin are Naughty and Nice" for The New York Times.
Gianni Cipriano (PJ08) photographed "Les débarqués, de la Méditerranée au nord de l'Europe" for Le Monde.
Paola Nunez Solario (GS10) has an exhibition Serenata a Nueva York at the IMU imagen museo in Colima, Mexico, December 18, 2014–February 5, 2015.
Anna Beeke (GS09) is featured on The New York Times LENS blog.
Ixone Sadaba (GS05) has an exhibition Gulala at Tasneem Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, December 13, 2014–March 13, 2015.
Holly Bynoe (MFA10) is the co-curator of Antillean: An Ecology at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, Nassau, December 12,2014–May 10, 2015.
Alinka Echeverria (PJ08) is speaking at the conference Objects of Devotion/Objetos de Devocíon at the University of California, Riverside, December 12–13, where her exhibition Faith and Vision is on view.
Andreas Rentsch (GS90) is in the group exhibition Modern Alchemy: Experiments in Photography at the Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, New York, December 6, 2014–March 15, 2015.
Qian Ma (GS14) is in the group exhibition Open at The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado, December 5, 2014–January 10, 2015.
Daniel Temkin (MFA12) is a 2014 recipient of an Arts Writers Grant.
Leonora Hamill (GS03) has a video installation Furtherance at Saint-Eustache Church, Paris, France, December 4, 2014–January 18, 2015.
Brenda Ann Kenneally (NYU/ICP97) is featured on TIME LightBox; she has an outdoor projection of images in Miami, Florida, during Art Basel Miami, December 4–7.
Mauro Restiffe (GS95) is in the Bronx Museum of the Arts' group exhibition Constructions on view at the Untitled Fair, Miami, Florida, December 3–7.
Ying Ang (PJ10) is leading a workshop with the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive at the Angkor Photo Festival, Siem Reap, Cambodia, December 2–3.
Fryd Frydendahl (GS09) is interviewed by Vice.
Malin Fezehai (GS04), Johnette Iris Stubbs (MFA05), and faculty member Keisha Scarville are participants in Addis Foto Fest 2014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, December 1–7.

November 2014

Hannah Whitaker (MFA06) is in the group exhibition Foam Talents 2014 at East Wing, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 26, 2014–January 10, 2015.
Rita Leistner (GS01) has an exhibition Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan at the Alliance Françl;aise Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November 26–December 19.
Viviana Peretti (PJ10) is interviewed by Pride Photo Award; she is also in the Taylor Wessing Photographi Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London, United Kingdom, November 13–February 22.
Christoph Bangert (PJ03) is interviewed by The New York Times LENS blog.
Frances Denny (GS10) is in the group exhibition All You Can Be: Explorations of the Self and Its Mutations at the Gallatin Galleries, New York University, November 25, 2014–January 25, 2015.
Egan Frantz (GS08) has an exhibition Monday and Friday, Tuesday and Friday, Wednesday and Friday, Thursday and Friday, Friday and Friday at Michael Jon Gallery, Miami, Florida, November 22, 2014–January 17, 2015.
Bridget de Gersigny (MFA13) has an exhibition Mouths Are Made for Eating at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art's Wooster St. Window Gallery, November 21, 2014–February 1, 2015.
Qiana Mestrich (MFA13) is in conversation with Susan Bright as part of the Artist Dialogue Series at the New York Public Library on November 22; she also interviewed Nona Faustine (MFA13) for Dodge & Burn.
Arielle Bier (MFA11) is the curator of the exhibition My Dinner with Aurora Sander at GSL Projekt, Berlin, Germany, November 21–December 20.
Michi Jigarjian (GS09, MFA12) and Qiana MestrichPost Partum Party at Rhombus Space, November 21, 2014–December 14, 2015.
Sofía Cordóva (GS06) is signing her book Enciclopedia Infinita/Infinite Encyclopedia Vol.1 (DeMerritt/Pauwels Editions, 2014) at SF Camerawork on November 21.
Alessandra Sanguinetti (GS92) is in the group exhibition The Photographer's Playspace at the Aperture Foundation, November 19, 2014–January 29, 2015.
Nandita Raman (MFA12) is in the group exhibition A Different Order at Cornelis Van Almsick, Vienna, Austria, November 18–29.
Talia Herman (PJ10) is featured in Huck magazine.
Morten Andersen (PJ91) is interviewed for the new book Conversations (The Eyes Publishing, 2014).
Anja Hitzenberger (GS91), faculty member, has an exhibition vollschlank at Ordination Dr. Hollman & Dr. Lhotka OG, Vienna Austria, November 14, 2014–February 28, 2015, as part of eyes-on: Monat der Fotografie Wien.
Heather O'Brien (GS09) has an exhibition where water touches land at Counterpath Press, Denver, Colorado, November 14–December 5.
Alex Morel (GS95) has an exhibition En La Casa de Rumi at Plataforma Panorama, Santiago, Dominican Republic, November 13–December 13; he is discussing his work on November 18.
Lamia Maria Abillama (GS06), Christoph Bangert (PJ03), Yto Barrada (PJ94), Antoine D'Agata (PJ91), Floriane de Lassée (GS04), Jules Spinatsch (PJ94), Yvonne Venegas (PJ99), and Hannah Whitaker (MFA06), along with faculty members Allen Frame, Bill Jacobson, Janelle Lynch, are participants in Paris Photo, France, November 13–16.
Jiajia Zhang (GS08) and faculty member Bernard Yenelouis are in the group exhibition Social Photography IV, presented by Carriage Trade, at the Emily Harvey Foundation, November 12–22.
Sam Falls (MFA10) is speaking at the New School on November 12.
Chelsea Goodchild Spengemann (MFA05) curated the exhibition Becoming Disfarmer at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, New York, November 9, 2014–March 22, 2015, for which she wrote and edited the exhibition catalogue; she is also moderating a panel discussion on November 9.
Yael Ben-Zion (GS07) is speaking at the Jewish Book Festival, Toronto, Canada, on November 9.
Andre Lutzen (PJ93) has a new book Zhily Byli (Peperoni Books, 2014).
Joshua Lutz (MFA05) has an exhibition Hesitating Beauty at Robert Morat Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, November 8, 2014–January 10, 2015.
Jacobia Dahm (PJ14) is featured on The New York Times LENS blog; she is the grand prize winner of Rangefinder's Take Your Best Shot photography competition.
Alex Nathanson (GS09), as part of the group Fan Letters, is participating in Video Score at Outpost Artist Resources on November 7.
Dayanita Singh (PJ88) has an exhibition Museum of Chance at Galerie Max Mueller, Mumbai, India, November 6–December 12.
Fryd Frydendahl (GS09) has an exhibition Mon's Future, curated by Megumi Tomomitsu (GS09), at the Baxter St at Camera Club of New York, November 6–December 6; she photographed the story "Mø—Come Dance with Me" for Bitchslap Magazine.
Paul Qaysi (MFA09) is featured on InVisible Culture.
Martin Fougeron (GS06) photographed "A Day in the Life of Dominique Ansel" for The Wall Street Journal.
Alinka Echeverria (PJ08) has an exhibition Faith and Vision at the California Museum of Photography, Riverside, California, November 1, 2014–January 24, 2015.

October 2014

Samantha Kaplan (PJ14) wrote and photographed "Photos: Priced-Out in San Francisco" for Newsweek.
Paula McCartney (GS96) is in the group exhibition The Singing and the Silence: Birds in Contemporary Art at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, October 31, 2014–February 22, 2015.
Giada Ripa di Meana (GS99) is in the group exhibition DONNEXDONNE at Galleria del Cembalo, Rome, Italy, October 28–November 11.
Billy Delfs, faculty member, is interviewed for Eventual Pro Photographer.
Tom White (PJ07) is in the group exhibition The Golden Leaf at the Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film, Singapore, October 24–November 15.
Roberta Marroquin Doria (GS09) and Valentina Medda (GS09) are in the group exhibition She Views Herself at Galerie 6 Mandel, Paris, France, October 23–26.
Joni Sternbach (NYU/ICP87) is exhibiting at the Medium Festival, San Diego, California, October 23–26, and giving a lecture on October 26.
Nona Faustine (MFA13) is participating in a panel discussion about the exhibition i found god in myself: the 40th Anniversary of Ntozake Shange's for colored girls on October 22 at La Maison D'Art Gallery; she and Florence Montmare (GS00) are in the group exhibition Sixteen Sweet at Ivy Brown Gallery, October 23–November 1.
Capucine Bailly (PJ05) photographed "Guerillas in the Streets: The Dysturb Photo Collective Comes to NYC" for TIME LightBox.
Nancy Borowick (PJ10), Nicolas Enriquez (PJ14), Chris Occhicone (PJ14), and Adriane Ohanesian (PJ10) are award recipients in the 2014 Eddie Adams Workshop; Woong-Jae Shin (PJ12) and Gaia Squarci (PJ12) were also specially selected to participate in the Workshop.
Sara Skorgan Teigen (GS12) is having a launch for her new book Fractal State of Being at Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway, on October 16.
Frances Denny (GS10) and Paula McCartney (GS96) are in the group exhibition Breaking Ground at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, October 15–31.
Kristoffer Axen (GS09) has an exhibition Selected Photographs at The Crooked Leg, Stockholm, Sweden, October 15, 2014–January 5, 2015.
Tatiana Kronberg (MFA06) has an exhibition at Essex Flowers, October 12–November 16.
Paula McCartney (GS96) has a new book A Field Guide to Ice and Snow (Silas Finch, 2014).
Sofía Córdova (GS05) has an exhibition Every Night I Tell Myself I Am The Cosmos at Royal Nonesuch Gallery, Oakland, California, October 11–November 9.
Ixone Sadaba (GS06) has an exhibition Not Unfaithful to the Spirit of the Thing at Espacio Marzana, Bilbao, Spain, October 10–31.
Aline Shkurovich (MFA14) curated and is participating in the group exhibition Foreshock at La Fabrica Gallery, October 10–17.
Hanna Whitaker (MFA06) photographed "Rise and Shine" for The New York Times Magazine.
Yael Ben-Zion (GS07) is featured on the Shpilman Institute for Photography's blog.
Viviana Peretti (PJ10) is interviewed by Silverlake Voice.
Minny Lee (PJ08) has an exhibition Nightwalker at the Nabi Museum of the Arts, Teaneck, New Jersey, October 4–24; she is giving a talk on October 18.
Fryd Frydendahl (GS09) is featured on the Semi Femi blog.

September 2014

Malin Fezehai (GS04) is a portfolio A Kind of Purgatory: African Refugees in Israel featured on burn magazine.
Dayanita Singh (PJ88) has an exhibition Go Away Closer at MMK, Frankfurt, Germany, September 27, 2014&ndahs;January 5, 2015.
Joseph Rodriguez (GS85) is in the exhibition Migrantes and Aftermath for the Fotofocus Biennial at Pearlman Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, September 26–October 24.
Michi Jigarjian (GS09, MFA12) and Libby Pratt (MFA12) are representing the ICP-Bard MFA Program at the NY Art Book Fair, September 26–28.
Morten Andersen (PJ91) is an exhibitor as part of Norway Focus: KUNSTNERBØKER at the NY Art Book Fair, September 26–28.
Victor Sira (PJ91) and Shiori Kawasaki (PJ07) are exhibitors for bookdummypress at the NY Art Book Fair, September 26–28.
Flemming Ove Bech (GS09) is an exhibitor for Lodret Vandret at the NY Art Book Fair, September 26–28.
Rony Maltz (MFA12) and Daniel Temkin (MFA12) are presenting Borges: The Complete Works at the DUMBO Arts Festival, September 26–28.
Curtis Hamilton (MFA11) has work featured in issue #6 of Conveyor Magazine.
Kate Levy (MFA13) is screening her film Water Is Life at the Bronx Documentary Center on September 25.
Qiana Mestrich (MFA13) and Emma Raynes (GS06) are participating in the panel discussion "Curating Culture: Encouraging and Sharing Diverse Voices in Photography" at Film Forum on September 23.
Daniel Temkin (MFA12) and Rony Maltz (MFA12) are exhibiting their project Borges: The Complete Works at the DUMBO Arts Festival, September 26–28.
Christoph Bangert (PJ03) discusses his book War Porn at Photoville on September 20.
Florence Montmare (GS00) has an exhibition Illuminations at Ivy Brown Gallery, September 18–october 18; she is interviewed about the exhibition for NBC.
Gaia Squarci (PJ12) has an exhibition Broken Screen at Photoville, September 18–28.
Antonio Bolfo (PJ09) with faculty members Shaul Schwarz and Jonathan Torgovnik are in the exhibition Reportage by Getty Images at Photoville, September 18–28.
Curtis Hamilton (MFA11) is in the group exhibition Tierney Fellows 2013, curated by faculty member Jerry Vezzuso, at Photoville, September 18–28.
Anja Hitzenberger (GS91) and Liz Sales (MFA10) are leading ICP workshops at Photoville on September 20 and 21.
Nandita Raman (MFA12) is in the group exhibition Rectangular Squares at sepiaEye, September 19–November 1.
Nona Faustine (MFA13) is presenting work in conjunction with the group exhibition i found god in myself: the 40th Anniversary of Ntozake Shange's for colored girls at the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center, at La Maison d'Art Gallery, September 19, 2014–January 3, 2015.
Martine Fougeron (GS06) has an exhibition Heart of the South Bronx: Trades at the Half King, September 17–October 19, and is in conversation with Elisabeth Biondi on September 17; she is also in the group exhibition by the Bronx Artist Documentary Project at The Andrew Freedman Complex Gallery, September 13–October 8.
Yto Barrada (PJ94) is the 2015 recipient of the Abraaj Group Art Prize.
Lina Haskel (GS05) has an exhibition Folket Hus—Space in Common at Sandgrund Lars Lerin, Karlstad, Sweden, September 13–November 1.
Joseph Rodriguez (GS85) is in the group exhibition A Story to Tell at Hardhitta Gallery, Berlin, Germany, September 17–28; he is also featured in Stern.
Alexandra Catiere (GS05) has an exhibition Here Beyond the Mists at the Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma in Rome, Italy, September 14, 2014–January 11, 2015.
Fryd Frydendahl (GS09) co-organized the 5th Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair, hosted by the Camera Club of New York at Foley Gallery, September 12–14; she is also interviewed by Opaque Journal and Vice.
Matthew Monteith (GS95) has an exhibition The Explainers at the Mebane Gallery, Austin, Texas, September 8–October 10; he is giving a gallery talk on September 17.
Morten Andersen (PJ91) is a speaker on the panel "The Lack of Photobook Criticism in Norway" at the Photobook Festival, Oslo, Norway, on September 8.
Liz Sales (MFA10) is in the group exhibition Image : Constructed :: Constructed : Image at the Wellington B. Gray Gallery, Greenville, North Carolina, September 5–October 12; she also has an article on Marina Berio, One-Year Certificate in General Studies Program Chair, in issue #6 of Conveyor, an article on Hannah Whitaker (MFA06) in Foam Magazine, and an essay in the book Half Wild by Peter Happel Christian.
Alejandro Cesarco (NYU/ICP00) is lecturing at the College of Architecture, Art and Planning, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, on September 4.
Salome Oggenfuss (GS04) is interviewed by Dazed Digital.
Myriam Abdelaziz (PJ06) is featured in Wired.
Qian Ma (GS14) is featured in Fraction Magazine.

August 2014

Sam Falls (MFA10) has an exhibition at Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich, Switzerland, August 30–October 25.
Lamia Abillama (GS06), Yael Ben-Zion (GS07), Antonio Bolfo (PJ09), Ilana Panich-Linsman (PJ09), and Viviana Peretti (PJ10) are selected for American Photography 30.
Joao Pina (PJ05) is featured on the CNN Photos blog.
Gillian Laub (GS98) is a recipient of a 2014 IPF Grant from the Aaron Siskind Foundation.
Athena Torri (GS10) has a portfolio The Outsider featured in Yet Magazine.
Fryd Frydendahl (GS9) has a solo exhibition Salad Days at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 16–September 20; she curated the exhibition Sådan ser blå mærker ud i himlen, which includes Flemming Ove Bech (GS09) and Megumi Tomomitsu (GS09) with faculty member Jerry Vezzuso, at TYS, Copenhagen, August 9–30; she is also profiled in Magasinet Kunst.
Samyukta Lakshmi (PJ14) has a portfolio "Hailing the New York Cabdriver" featured on The New York Times LENS blog.
Curtis Hamilton (MFA11), with faculty members Mark Alice Durant and Jerry Vezzuso, is in Dear Dave Issue #17.
Daniel Temkin (MFA12) is in the exhibition Language and Code at Transfer Gallery, August 9–September 1.
Quito Ziegler (MFA08) talks about "My Own Private Rockaway" on WNYC.
Stephanie Cardon (GS01) is in the group exhibition Twelve Nights at the Boston Sculptors Gallery, August 6–24.
Alex Nathanson (GS10) premieres his film Letters to John Grisham at Anthology Film Archives as part of the New Filmmaker series.
Lucy Helton (PJ07) is in the group exhibition Controlled Burn at the Hartford Art School, August 4–9.
Frances Denny (GS10) interviewed and photographed Jay Fielden for Into the Gloss; she also photographed "Uncommon Threads" for Architectural Digest.
Myriam Abdelaziz (PJ06), Floriane de Lassée (GS04), and Adriane Ohanesian (PJ10) are among LensCulture's 2014 Emerging Talents; Nancy Borowick (PJ10) is a grant recipient.

July 2014

Pierre Le Hors (MFA10) and faculty member Richard Renaldi are in Vice Magazine's 13th Annual Photo Exhibition at Pioneer Works, July 31–August 10.
Frances Denny (GS10) photographed "How to Ring Stack, From the Girls Who Know It Best" for Elle.
Viviana Peretti (PJ10) is interviewed by Giulia Bianchi (PJ11) for Photoion.
Rachel Hulin (NYU/ICP02) is profiled on Feature Shoot.
Cynthia Farnell (GS96) has an exhibition Available Light at Van Vessem Gallery, Tiverton, Rhode Island, July 26–August 23.
Sofía Córdova (GS05) is in the group exhibition Projected Personae at SOMArts, San Francisco, California, July 22–August 16.
Jessica Dimmock (PJ05) and Christopher LaMarca (PJ02) are profiled in Filmmaker Magazine.
Viviana Peretti (PJ10) is interviewed by the World Photography Organisation.
Holly Bynoe (MFA10) is profiled in The Nassau Guardian.
Winona Barton-Ballentine (MFA13), Anna Beeke (PJ09), Teresa Christiansen (MFA08), Frances Denny (GS10), Anja Hitzenberger (GS90), Florence Iff (GS98), and Daniel Kukla (PJ08) are in the group exhibition Aperture Summer Open at Aperture, July 17–August 14.
Brenda Ann Kenneally (NYU/ICP97) is featured on Slate.
Yto Barrada (PJ94) is in the group exhibition Here and Elsewhere at the New Museum, July 16–September 28.
Yvonne Venegas (PJ99) is profiled in Aleim.
Andre Viking (GS14) and Josefine Seifert (GS13) have an exhibition Lost Tail at littlefield, July 10–August 2.
Frances Denny (GS10) is in the group exhibition Seven Stories Tall at ClampArt, July 10–18.
Jason Andrew (PJ07) is featured in TIME magazine.
Yael Ben-Zion (GS07) has work on view at the Cell Theater in conjunction with the play The Religion Thing, where she is speaking on July 9; she is also interviewed by Touch BASE.
Allen Chen (GS10) is in the group exhibition Driveway, co-curated by Alessandro Teoldi (MFA13), on July 9.
Claudia Sohrens (GS98), faculty member, is the recipient of an A.I.R. Fellowship.
Alejandra Ugarte Bedwell (MFA10) is featured on Ventana Latina.
Gianni Cipriano (PJ08) is a guest speaker at the Longlake Festival, Lugano, Switzerland, on July 5.
Dayanita Singh (PJ88) is featured in The Hindu Business Line and Outlook.
Nandita Raman (MFA12) is in the group exhibition On Permanence and Change at Thomas Erben Gallery, July 1–25.
Giada Ripa di Meana (GS99) has an exhibition The Last Testimonies of Russian Literature at Spazio, Milan, Italy, opening July 1.

June 2014

Felix Swensson (GS10) photographed "The Vice Guide to Stockholm 2014" for Vice magazine.
Kim Weston (MFA14) is featured on The New York Times LENS blog.
Luc Bassompierre (PJ10) is featured on Virgin.
Alex Nathanson (GS09) is showing his short film The Complete History of Mankind and the Rest of the World at the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Winnipeg, Canada, on June 27; he also organized Nightlight, a month-long series of events at Fluxfactory, June 7–28.
Matthew Porter (MFA06) organized the group exhibition Soft Target, which includes Hannah Whitaker (MFA06) and faculty members Justine Kurland and Michael Vahrenwald, at M+B, Los Angeles, California, June 26–August 30.
Arielle Bier (MFA11) is the curator of the group exhibition Wanton Mobility at Klemm's, Berlin, Germany, June 26–August 9.
Andreas Rentsch (GS90) is in the group exhibition Off The Block: NYFA Fellows at Southampton Arts Center at the Southampton Arts Center, Southampton, New York, June 26–July 20.
Monika Bravo (GS95) is a guest speaker on the panel "Delineating Colombia: Contemporary Artists Re-tracing Nature" at the Bard Graduate Center on June 26.
Woong-jae Shin (PJ12) photographed the article "Samsung is Korea's greatest success. But some workers say it’s making them sick." for The Washington Post.
Myriam Abdelaziz (PJ06) is featured on The Photo Brigade.
Alison Bradley (NYU/ICP96) and Chuck Kelton, faculty members, with staff member Pauline Vermare curated the exhibition Tales, Processes, and Moments: An Exhibition of Collective Works from the 2012–2014 Master's Seminar at MANA Contemporary, Jersey City, New Jersey, June 24–July 25.
Frances Denny (GS10) is the 2014 Lenscratch first prize winner in student photography.
Viviana Peretti (PJ10) has a portfolio featured on BBC News.
Andreas Rentsch (GS90) is in the group exhibition The Appearance of Clarity: Works in Black and White at the Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, Vermont, June 20&Ndash;August 31.
Anja Hitzenberger (GS90) is in the group exhibition Salzbourg Dans Le Monde Mitgebracht/Rapporté at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, June 17–28; she is also in the group exhibition Cool Art Café at the Couleur Café Festival, Brussels, Belgium, June 27–29.
Fryd Frydendahl (GS09), Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen (GS94), and Brendon Stuart (PJ08) are in the group exhibition The Street is Watching at the Copenhagen Photograph Festival, Denmark, June 12–September 12.
Gabriele Stabile (PJ07) is featured in La Reppublica and Wall Street International.
Mauro Restiffe (GS95) has an exhibition São Paulo, beyond reach at the Instituto Moreira Salles, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 7–September 28.
Egan Frantz (GS08) is in the group exhibition Infinitude at Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles, California, June 7–July 12.
Qiana Mestrich (MFA13) has an exhibition Trust Your Struggle at Sweet Lorraine Gallery, June 7–27.
Christophe Tedjasukmana (GS06) covers the International Mr. Leather Conference for Vice magazine.
Nona Faustine (MFA13) and Davis Thompson-Moss (MFA07) are in conversation for NoCountryCountry at Bel-Air on June 2.

May 2014

Daro Sularauri (PJ06) is one of The Telegraph's "30 Women Photographers Under 30."
Brian Paumier (MFA12) has a project with Joaquin Trujillo, Men y Men, at New Art Projects, London, United Kingdom, May 29–July 20.
Toni Greaves (PJ08) photographed "Little Children and Already Acting Mean" for The Wall Street Journal.
Kristoffer Axen (GS09) has an exhibition The Grey Room at Galerie Pi, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 23–June 21.
Christoph Bangert (PJ03) has a new book War Porn (Kehrer, 2014).
Yael Ben-Zion (GS07) is interviewed by The Literate Lens.
Mauro Restiffe (GS95) has a portfolio Oscar Niemeyer's Funeral in Aperture magazine #215 "The Sao Paulo Issue."
Amin Husain (GS10) is moderating a discussion on May 17 at the Camera Club of New York.
Alinka Echeverria (PJ08) is represented by Gazelli Art House at Art Basel Hong Kong, May 15–18.
Mariella Furrer (PJ93) is in conversation with Infinity Award recipient Stephanie Sinclair at Aperture on May 13 about her book My Piece of Sky; she is also featured on Slate.
Joseph Rodriguez (GS85) is interviewed by AS220 Youth; he also wrote "When You Know Where the Bottom Is" for Acts of Witness.
Stephanie Keith (PJ01) has a portfolio The House of D.I.Y. featured in The New York Times.
Pax Paloscia (GS07) and Gabriele Stabile (PJ07) are in the group exhibition Studio14 experience//MOODBOARD 2.0 at White Noise Gallery, Rome, Italy, May 10–31.
Jessica Dimmock (PJ05) is participating in Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project.
Ed Pollard (GS02) photographed the Chrysler Museum for Antiques Magazine.
Brian Paumier (MFA12) has an exhibition Act of Faith at De Soto Gallery, Venice, California, May 8–June 22.
Antonia Wright (GS08) is in the group exhibition Between You and Me at Vanity Projects, May 8–June 26.
Viviana Peretti (PJ10) won Photographer of the Year in the Sony World Photography Awards' Arts & Culture category for her series Dancing Like a Woman.
Dayanita Singh (PJ88) is interviewed by The Hindu.
Pradeep Dalal (MFA05) has work in issue #52 of Cabinet Magazine.
Holly Bynoe (MFA10) is in the group exhibition Pictures from Paradise: A Survey of Contemporary Caribbean Photography at the Shipping Containers behind the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada, May 1–25; she is also participating in the Future Memories Symposium at the Dak'Art Biennial, Dakar, Senegal, May 13–14.
Martine Fougeron (GS06) and faculty member Rebecca Norris Webb are in the group exhibition Ladies Only as part of Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2014 at the Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art, Tbilisi, Georgia, May 1–7; Fougeron also has an exhibition Heart of the South Bronx: Trades at The Point, May 17–July 19.
Jorge Alberto Perez (MFA12) is featured on Ventana Latina.
Ying Ang (PJ10) has a new publication A Land of Wildness.

April 2014

Hyla Skopitz (MFA08) photographed Dan Graham's installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for Dwell magazine.
Alink Echeverria (PJ08) has an exhibition Icon as Image: Image as Icon at Laleh June Galerie, Basel, Switzerland, April 29–June 5.
Pax Paloscia (GS08) is in the group exhibition Concept Europa at NUfactory, Rome, Italy, April 29–May 11.
Martine Fougeron (GS06) and faculty member Andrea Modica have exhibitions at Gallery 339, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 25–June 14.
Deidre Schoo (PJ07) is included in The Lost Lectures: NY on April 25.
Yael Ben-Zion (GS07) and Antoine D'Agata (PJ91) are being represented at Paris Photo Los Angeles, April 25–27.
Paige Stoyer (GS08) is in the group exhibition Rwanda, 1994–2014: Seven Photographers at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice Fine Art Galleries, University of San Diego, California, April 24–June 6.
Paul Nathan (GS08) is interviewed by Dogster.
Dayanita Singh (PJ88) is interviewed by Gerhard Steidl for Deutsch Bank's ArtMag.
Eric Michael Johnson (PJ10) is a winner in the Communication Arts 2014 Photography Annual for his project Welcome to Tchotchke Town.
Qiana Mestrich (MFA13) interviewed faculty member Keisha Scarville for Dodge & Burn.
Gaston Solnicki (GS03) is interviewed on NY1 about his film Papirosen.
Annie Ling (PJ10) is featured in the Daily Mail.
Mariamma Kambon (GS10) has an exhibition Altars of Poverty in the Experimental Gallery at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, April 21–25.
Heather O'Brien (GS09) curated the exhibition I see in the see nothing except the sea. I don't see a shore. I don't see a dove. at the Camera Club of New York, April 19–May 17.
Alex Nathanson (GS09) is a collaborator on Exquisite Contraption: It's Totally Working Now! at Flux Factory; he is interviewed about the project for Impose magazine.
Allen Chen (GS10) is in the group exhibition Yale Sculpture 2014 at Storefront Ten Eyck, April 18–May 18.
Tom White (PJ07) shot a social media campaign for Calvin Klein.
Pierre LeHors (MFA10) is interviewed by Aperture.
Bridget de Gersigny (MFA13) is one of the collaborators of No Narrative Preceded Us at the CCS Bard Hessel Museum, Rhinebeck, New York, April 13–May 25.
Jeff Mermelstein (GS81) is a guest panelist at AIPAD on Saturday, April 12.
Brenda Ann Kenneally (NYU/ICP97) is a 2014 recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.
Flemming Ove Bech (GS09), publisher at Lodret/Vandret, is co-hosting the One Thousand Books Art Book Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 10–13.
Michael Itkoff (MFA10) is having new work shown by the Kopeikin Gallery at AIPAD, April 10–13.
Frances Denny (GS10) has a portfolio featured in Aint-Bad Magazine.
Monika Bravo (GS95) is in the group exhibition Waterweavers: The River in Contemporary Colombian Visual and Material Culture at the Bard Graduate Center, April 11–August 10.
Naomi Harris (PJ98) is interviewed by Fusevisual.
Minny Lee (PJ08) has a public art project Impulse with Chashama at 1351 Amsterdam Avenue, April 9–30.
Harry Zernike (PJ02) is in the group exhibition Am I Invisible? A Portrait of City Bicyclists at the Old Stone House, April 8–June 3.
Talia Herman (PJ10) has a portfolio featured on Al Jazeera America; she talks about this work on the Modern Art Notes podcast.
Olimpia Ferrari (GS08, MFA11) has an exhibition Never to be found at the Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Torino, Italy, April 3–May 24.
Heather O'Brien (GS09) is in the group exhibition I Scarcely Have the Right to Use This Ghostly Verb at the New School, April 3–16.
Julie Glassberg (PJ09) photographed "Friends Without Words" for The New York Times.
Florence Montmare (GS00) photographed the cover of Icon magazine.
Emile Hyperion Dubuisson (GS08) is featured in Resource Magazine.
Kate Levy (MFA13) is profiled on the Metro Times' blog.

March 2014

Pax Paloscia is featured in Artribune.
Qiana Mestrich (MFA13) has an exhibition The Namesake Series at the Corridor Gallery Project Space at Rush Arts, March 30–May 17.
Joni Sternbach (NYU/ICP87) has a new book The Passengers from Café Royal Books.
Paul Nathan (GS08) is featured on Fast Company.
Daniel Canogar (NYU/ICP90) has an exhibition Small Data at bitforms gallery, March 27–April 26.
Yto Barrada (PJ94) is presenting her films at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, on March 27.
Frances Denny (GS10) has a portfolio of work featured on ToneLit.
Deidre Schoo (PJ07) is featured in The New York Times for her film Flex is Kings; the film is being shown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on March 27.
Anja Hitzenberger (GS90) is featured in R0P Magazine.
Christine Callahan (MFA09) has an exhibition Bank Shot at Myers Media Art Studio, Columbia University, March 25–April 18.
Gianni Cipriano (PJ08) is in the group exhibition The Eyes Collection #1 at Galerie Intervalle, Paris, France, March 22–April 20.
Antonia Wright (GS08) has an exhibition You Make Me Sick: I Love You at Spinello Projects, Miami, Florida, March 20–May 3; she is also profiled in the Miami New Times.
Pablo Frisk (GS10) is in the group exhibition On Its Way at the Simon/Neuman2 Gallery, March 20–April 20.
Brigitte Grignet (PJ99) is interviewed by Granta.
Pierre Le Hors (MFA10) has an exhibition Period Act at the Camera Club of New York, March 19–April 12.
Lauren Lancaster (PJ05) has a feature "The Slow Road to Fast Fashion" in the Pacific Standard and a portfolio On and Off the Runway in The New Yorker Photo Booth blog.
Hannah Whitaker (MFA06) has an exhibition Cold Wave at M+B, Los Angeles, California, March 15–April 26.
Sofia Cordova (GS05) has an exhibition home(-)free at Elephant Art Space, Los Angeles, California, March 14–April 2.
Joseph Rodriguez (GS85) is in the group exhibition Photography from 1978–2013 at the Hardhitta Gallery, Cologne, Germany, March 14–April 12.
Axel Öberg (PJ07) is the First Prize winner for Best Foreign News Picture in the Swedish Picture of the Year competition.
Sofie Barfoed (GS11) photographed "Talenti da Parigi 2" for Vogue Italia.
Aliza Eliazarov (PJ09) has a story "America's Next Generation of Farmers" on Slate's Behold blog.
Yael Ben-Zion (GS07) has an exhibition Intermarried at Word Up Community Bookshop, March 9–April 9; she is participating in a discussion on Sunday, March 30.
Michi Jigarjian (GS09, MFA12) and Libby Pratt (MFA12) launch Mold: Pedestal Issue 1 (Secretary Press), which includes Nica Ross (MFA12) and faculty member Nancy Davenport, at Printed Matter on Friday, March 7.
Minny Lee (PJ08) has work in collaboration with Inyoung Seoung on view at the Fountain Art Fair, March 7–8.
Gloria Chung (GS02) is showing her films at the Firehouse Art Center, Longmont, California, on March 7.
Holly Bynoe (MFA10) is leading a discussion "Metanoia: Practices of Exhaustion" at the VOLTA NY on Friday, March 7.
Matthew Porter (MFA06) has an exhibition High Difference at Invisible Exports, March 7–April 13.
Tadej Znidarcic (PJ07) has an exhibition Not Poor... at Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 5–April 13.
Gabriele Stabile (PJ07) is in the group exhibition Invisible Migrations at the Alice Austen House, March 4–August 31.
Dayanita Singh (PJ88) has an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, March 1–June 1.

February 2014

Flemming Ove Bech (GS09) is in the group exhibition Deliberate Operations at Nextart Gallery, Gothenberg, Sweden, February 26–March 7.
Jeff Mermelstein (GS81) is included in the TIME LightBox story "On Everybody Street: Meet New York's Famous Street Photographers."
Nitasha Dhillon (GS10) and Amin Husain (GS1) are interviewed by Art in America.
Satoshi Tsuchiyama (GS12) organized MERGE vol.2 VIDEO/INTERACTIVE ART + DANCE at the Center for Performance Research on February 22.
Tadej Znidarcic (PJ07) is Emzin magazine's 2014 Photographer of the Year.
Alex Nathanson (GS09) is presenting work at Single Channel Cheeseburgers II at Outpost Artists Resource on February 21; he is also one of the creators of Exquisite Contraption, which goes on view February 27 at Flux Factory.
Matthew Monteith (GS95) photographed the Diller Scofidio + Renfro Capsule Collection for the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art.
Anja Hitzenberger (GS90) has an exhibition Chinese Fast Food at Galerie Basia Embricos, Paris, France, February 20–March 20.
Gloria Chung (GS02) is showing her film MEMORY II Snowland as part of the NewFilmmakers New York series at Anthology Film Archives on Wednesday, February 19.
Tatiana Kronberg (MFA06) has an exhibition Hat on Hook at Disjecta, Portland, Oregon, February 14–March 2.
Brian Paumier (MFA12) has an exhibition Act of Faith at the Christopher Henry Gallery, February 13–March 9.
Vittoria Mentasti (PJ12) and Ilana Panich-Linsman (PJ09) are winners of the 30 under 30 competition.
Sofia Cordova (GS05) is profiled by the California College of the Arts.
Yeong-Ung Yang (PJ13) received first prize in the NPPA Northern Short Course Contest's category for Longform Multimedia.
Jessica Dimmock (PJ05) is presenting her work at the Bronx Documentary Center on February 8.
Roberta Marroquin Doria (GS09) photographed Carolina Herrera for Hola.
Nancy Borowick (PJ10) is featured in the February issue of PDN.
Viviana Peretti (PJ10) is shortlisted in the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards professional categories for "Arts & Culture" and "Lifestyle."
Frances Denny (GS10) photographed Amirah Kassem for Into The Gloss.
Leonora Hamill (GS03) is in the group exhibition Breaking News 2011–2014 at Podbielski Contemporary, Berlin, Germany, February 5–March 15.
Alink Echeverria (PJ08) is represented by Gazelli Art House at Zona Maco 2014, Mexico City, February 5–9; she is also a writer-in-residence for Art21.
Floriane de Lassée (GS04) has two exhibitions Ciels de Seine and How Much Can You Carry? at La Galerie Particulaire, Paris, France, February 1–March 29.
Monika Bravo (GS95) has an exhibition Urumu at NC-arte, Bogota, Colombia, February 1–March 29.
Winona Barton-Ballentine (MFA13), Garret Miller (MFA11), and faculty member Nat Ward are in the group exhibition Pyramid Scheme on February 1 at 204 25th Street.

January 2014

Alessandra Sanguinetti (GS92) is in the group exhibition Open for Business at the National Media Museum, Bradford, United Kingdom, January 31–May 5.
Christoph Bangert (PJ03) has a new book War Porn from Kehrer Verlag.
Leonora Hamill (GS03) is in the group exhibition Cinque Monstre 2014 at the American Academy in Rome, Italy, January 30–March 2.
Jiajia Zhang (GS08) photographed Simon Castets for Kaleidoscope magazine.
Joao Pina (PJ05) is in the group exhibition Moving Walls 21 at the Open Society Foundations, January 29–October 3.
Gaston Solnicki (GS03) has his film Papirosen opening at the Film Society of Lincoln Center on January 24.
Yto Barrada (PJ94) is having a launch for her new book Yto Barrada at Cabinet on January 24.
Joni Sternbach (NYU/ICP87) is in the group exhibition Not Long Hidden at Rick Wester Fine Art, January 23–March 4.
Gabriele Stabile (PJ07) is interviewed by Vice Italia.
Christopher Morris (GS81) is featured on TIME LightBox.
Pax Paloscia (GS07) is in the group exhibition Painting Show at the Edward Cutler Gallery, Milan, Italy, opening January 20.
Fryd Frydendahl (GS09) is in the group exhibition Hindsight at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 17–February 15.
Andrea Star Reese (PJ08) is interviewed by Italian Vogue.
Cynthia Farnell (GS96) curated the exhibition A Gathering at the Welch School Galleries, Atlanta, Georgia, January 16–March 13.
Gillian Laub (GS98) wrote "Photographing Ariel Sharon" for Tablet Magazine.
Tatoina Mundy (GS13) has an exhibition Front Room at the Mezzanine Gallery, St. John's University, January 14–March 15.
Jorge Alberto Perez (MFA12) is in the group exhibition spirit migration: the flowing, the fleeting, the spectral at the BrutEdge Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey, January 12–March 8.
Yael Ben-Zion (GS07) is interviewed by The New York Times; she has an exhibition Intermarried at La Galeria at Boricua College, January 8–February 3; she is featured in the January 2014 issue of PDN and the Manhattan Times.
Brigitte Grignet (PJ99) has a portfolio The Damned and the Beautiful featured in Granta.
Dillon DeWaters (MFA10), Liz Sales (MFA10), and Hannah Whitaker (MFA06) are featured in issue #5 of Conveyor magazine.