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  • Library's periodicals
    The Library's periodicals. © Charles Ludeke
  • In the ICP Library
    In the ICP Library
  • The library window.
    The library window.
  • Sandra Santos, <em>Por Todos os Poros</em>
    Sandra Santos, Por Todos os Poros, Brazil: COSIPA (2004), Gift of the artist
  • Reading for enjoyment in the open stacks (2010)
    Reading for enjoyment in the open stacks (2010)
  • Sketch by Jenny Tobias
    Sketch by Jenny Tobias, "Christopher Phillips conducts a tour of 'The Open Book' for the Art Libraries Society of New York" (2006)
  • Soo-Nam Kim, <em>Gangeung Dano Festival</em>
    Soo-Nam Kim, Gangeung Dano Festival, Seoul: Noonbit (2007), Gift of the Kim Soo Nam Memorial Foundation
  • The Library’s periodicals (2010)
    The Library’s periodicals (2010)

The ICP Library is dedicated to the entire discipline of photography, housing an extensive collection of photobooks, periodicals, artist files, and digital resources. Its mission is to furnish information and inspiration to anyone interested in the medium.

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Visiting the Library

The Library is open to staff, faculty, ICP Members, and ICP Students during regular hours. It is open to the public by appointment.

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