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Major Holdings

  • Cornell Capa, Seven thousand Ford Motor Company engineers who worked on developing the Ford Falcon, Dearborn Michigan, 1959
  • Cornell Capa, New York City, October 19, 1960
  • Cornell Capa, [Cheering the arrival of rebellious Argentine naval troops, who would complete the overthrow of Peron, Buenos Aires, Argentina], 1955
  • Cornell Capa, [Political dissidents arrested after the assassination of Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, Managua, Nicaragua], September 1956

Cornell Capa (1918–2008)

Photographer and founder of ICP, Cornell Capa chose the phrase "concerned photographer" to describe those photographers who demonstrated in their work a humanitarian impulse to use pictures to educate and change the world, not just to record it. The collection comprises over 10,000 prints and negatives documenting Capa’s coverage of social and political issues in the United States, as well as England, the Soviet Union, Israel, and Central and South America for Life and other magazines.